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The future of Pakistani journalists

By Farman Nawaz


The life span of the news is just a few hours and then it goes to the belly of the reporting dustbin. 625 more words

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Irresponsible attitude

Sir: Since the two countries Pakistan and India have emerged as independent states on the world map, both of them are having a difficult relationship. During the 69 years of their history, these two nations have battled four times officially or unofficially with each other and the chronicles reveal extremely painful experiences for both nations with gigantic number of injuries and deaths on both sides. 231 more words

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Are video games exercise?

Apparently that’s what nearly one in four British children believe, this according to a story published in the Daily Times. These findings were released by the Youth Sport Trust Charity.  111 more words

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Vance Foutz - Drunken Car Crash

Tusc Ave. Crash Lands Vance Foutz in Hot Water

It’s Memorial Day weekend, family and friendlies, occasion for cookouts and Indy 500 watching and — in Dover Foutz tradition, Indy 500 cookouts. 111 more words





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Bitter pill to swallow

Never have been a pillow girl but I managed to make them looked arty.

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Democracy or hypocrisy?

Sir: On April 16, 2015, the National Assembly’s standing committee approved a new electronic crime bill, now referred to parliament for final approval. In this bill, it is evident that the authorities have tried to deprive the citizens of Pakistan of their basic right of criticising political figures. 173 more words

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