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Is there hope for journalism? Not a chance. There is too much rot. Why the world needs a fresh start.

There is a Pollyanna mindset in those whose destroyed journalism. Some way, somehow, they think the mess will clean up itself. It’s a mindset from those who grew up sheltered with parents who often have clout as their offspring seek attention and have their sunny dispositions shaped by weed. 521 more words

Alleged Journalism

Humans Tend To Hate What They Cant Have, Do You?

Hello everyone, Brotherly, Sisterly, Mama’s and Papa’s. Know we are all fine and kicking, a successful election in Anambra State is a proof to that. … 588 more words

Nigeria in 2019 "Leader and Followers" : The Choir Picture.

Hello everyone, Family, Friends, and Foes, how’s it going? How’s Nigeria treating us? Good or Bad we must still give thanks to Baba God. Thanking him for Life and the little or big provisions we get. 872 more words

Mentor, Mentoring & Mentorship. 

Hello Family, Friends and Foes, how are we all? I know we all are fine and kicking as my dad would regularly say. To God be the praise and thumbs up. 803 more words