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In Health, Silence Isn't Always Golden

Most of us have heard the expression, “Silence is golden.”  The poet Thomas Carlyle, observed, “Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed… Silence is golden.”  But when it comes to our health, if those “great things fashion(ing) themselves” in silence to later “emerge, full-formed” are diseases, then silence isn’t so golden at all.  560 more words


Hunger for change

At the same time the government urges Americans to eat healthy foods, it heavily subsidizes farmers who produce corn and other crops used in junk foods, and invests little in those who grow fruits and vegetables. 679 more words

Science & Health

Unmasking the Sex-traders in Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly: Journalist to share evidences |TheDissent

Gilgit: A story recently published by the Daily Times about sex-trading of young girls from Gilgit-Baltistan, under the close assistance of few members of the Gilgit-Baltistan assembly has left many shocked. 348 more words


Mutharika Rebrands ZBS Moto:'Zamabodza Mumvera Kwa Ife'

Malawi President Mutharika has told local media house,Zodiak Broadcating Station (ZBS) to consider re-branding it’s moto from ‘Zikachitika mumvera kwaife’ to ‘Zamabodza Mumvera Kwaife’ for it’s continued spread of lies and not reporting the truth on several occasions. 134 more words


Daily Times Bow Down To Malawi's Three On-line Publications...'Thanks For Free Publicity But Sorry You Missed'

Publicity – whether good or bad- is effective and essential in so many aspects. We can ascertain to this following a front page story carried by Daily Times newspaper dated August 30, 2016. 762 more words


Mobile Internet Revolution

Mobile Internet revolution has not only changed the lives of a common man but it has also created a drastic impact on the businesses in emerging markets. 44 more words


Climate Change and Pakistan

Climate change is serious issue for Pakistan. Over the years, Pakistan has experienced severe weather patterns, killing countless people and wiping out acres of farmland across the country. 58 more words