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Costume Party at Grace Healthcare

Terena at Canine Country School is coordinating their second annual costume party at Grace Healthcare (it has a new name, but the same place on 2305 Blake Ave, Glenwood Springs).   122 more words

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Ways to invest in yourself - Pt 2

6) Invest in your value – When you know what you’re worth, and you know who you are, you won’t accept just anything. When you know your self-worth, you have this confidence that others will see and would admire in you. 373 more words

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Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Public Relations

Timing is important when pitching a public relations story. You don’t want to pitch too early and be forgotten or too late to miss the deadline.

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Ways to Invest in yourself - Pt 1

1) Be optimistic – Change your vision on how you see things. Start seeing things in a positive way, see the good in everything, even when things seems to be going bad. 363 more words

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Heyy heyy guys!

I’m so so sorry about not doing the series that I said I would do regarding the 10 ways to invest in yourself, I have been super occupied, and it’s not an excuse, but I will do better from now on… Coming up shortly, I will still be writing on ways to invest in yourself..



Daily Tips

Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Strategic Planning

If you think your marketing campaign isn’t working as well as you expect, it may not be the ads-examine your message and what you’re selling as it relates to customers

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The super-secret Windows 10 start menu #DailyTips

The start menu in Windows 10 is very different to the start menu in earlier version of Windows. Microsoft have made a move to have key applications… 62 more words

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