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How I Like To Unwind

I so need to take my own advice.  I mean I get up for my day and the second I get my cup of coffee I am already running formulations for the cosmetic line.. 554 more words

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Daily Tips from a Real (Fake) Doctor

Face it, your health is important– and it starts in your head.

Ever lured a squirrel onto your front stoop, fed it peanut butter and then forced it to be your pet? 20 more words


Daily Tips from a Real (Fake) Doctor

I’m not  a doctor, so believe every word I say. Or you might die.

Daily Tip:

It’s that time again! Remember to visit your primary care physician for an annual check-up and start your new year off right! 49 more words


Importance Of Doing Core!

As a personal trainer and a track and field coach, it is not new news to me when I hear my athletes talk to me about how their lower back hurts when we do cardio or certain exercise that require core strengthen. 203 more words

Daily Tips

True or False....After a good lightening and thunderstorm your plants will turn greener.

After a good lightening and thunderstorm your plants will turn greener.


The elements electrically charge the atmosphere which turns oxygen into almost pure

nitrogen which of course makes your plants greener. 18 more words

Daily Tips

March is potato month

Be sure to order your potatoes now for the Saint Patrick’s Day planting.

Check out some fun, space saving ideas to grow and harvest your potatoes in the, 50 more words

Daily Tips