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when you don't like 99% of the cocktail list

And a glass of wine gives you a terrible migraine,

There is one liquor found in every bar that’ll make you look like a badass. 54 more words


no cake till Brooklyn!

I’ve been a bad blogger.  First there was the massive dumpage of me finishing all the manuscripts in the publishing world ever for the end of my internship.   262 more words


Bikeade - the electrolyte sports drink that's 100% naturally awesome

When you’re outside exerting yourself and sweating up a storm, it really is a good idea to drink something with electrolytes in it.

Dad and the Bro are riding for… 929 more words


Simply Balanced Lemonade Syrup Recipe

It’s hot outside.  The weeds in my yard are in revolt and if I don’t get out there every day I’ll quickly be outnumbered.  ‘Course, out in the sun, even with my ugliest sports clothes on and so much sunscreen and deodorant, I still practically pass out from dehydration when I get inside. 406 more words

Daily Update

Real Life Natural Box-Dyed Redhead (E has converted to Ulta)

I am the most fake redhead to have ever faked.  My new hair stylist thinks it’s natural.  My next door neighbor think I went natural and was faking blonde for the last nine years since I moved in.   338 more words


the morning selfie challenge - prove you're awake

I am not a waker-upper.  I require at least four alarms, one of which should be across the room.  I’ve set my bed up to be too comfortable.   156 more words


milk jug foam for espresso lattes (an easy hack)

We like a good head of foam on our espresso lattes.  But we either didn’t invest in a steamer/frother thing, or are too intimidated to use it.   89 more words