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Terribly good food in Charleston

Ugh. Too much good food, Charleston.  How dare you.  Ugh.

I am now expected to learn how to cook grits, shrimp and grits, hush puppies, andouille sausage, make pimento cheese spread, and smoke my own tasso ham in order to flavor most of the aforementioned items.   429 more words


South Carolina Dreamin' (E is on vacation)

I said there would be some kind of hiatus.  I lied.  I’m in South Carolina and this place is far too pretty for me to keep radio silence.   124 more words


E cooks breakfast at midnight (E's parents are saints)

I gave Ma a facial today and made her feel special.  HOWEVER, I am making breakfast right now before midnight, and bacon and french toast make me specialer than lots of people. 24 more words

Daily Update

Howling at the Racoon

It is that wonderful time of year yet again, when we start sleeping with the windows open.  And when, around 4am on the regular, the cats scream at the critters outside with great and righteous rage. 9 more words


Paper bag safety for cats - How-To's for owners with brains of all sizes

It seems to be a common rule of nature that all cats are attracted to paper bags.  Even those who are frightened by the noise quickly overcome this fear. 54 more words


the early Birchbox got to E first

My Birchbox came early.  What a thing!  I typically get mine on the 14th, and here it was, sitting pretty in my mailbox on the 8th… 215 more words


E is geared up for family events that involve gifts

My sister is coming home at any minute!  We share a bathroom, so in order to fend off most complaints, I have dust-bustered the floors and counters, cleaned the mirrors and counters, and cleared off any dye stains from the tile.   288 more words