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Headline shocks the nation: college-age younger brother comes up to eat with sister with little prompting

I said I was going to make a chicken dinner.  Actually, Bud’s been pretty pleased about the whole thing, so I really am just making a big deal out of it.   346 more words


hold your family hostage by cooking awesome dinner: a guide

It’s just me and the brother-dude in the house for more than a week, and I need a way to compel him to sit and hang for an hour at least.   333 more words

Daily Update

E will never be Popeye

Pretty much the only way I can tolerate spinach is in a fruit yogurt shake.  This has resulted in me always putting spinach in my shakes.   156 more words


E can now marry whoever she wants

Okay, so I’ve been crying on and off today.

Gay marriage is now a fundamental right in the United States in all 50 states.

I’m bisexual, and a friend once asked me why I was so attached to the gay marriage issue – I was already able to get married to guys. 48 more words


E has had it with someone

I think I need to limit my in-person contacts with most of the world.  Why do people allow themselves to put so much energy and emotion into not getting the result they want? 313 more words


E crawls out of her cave (updates and amazingly ambitious plans concerning foodstuffs)

I know that I’ve been off the blog for a long while, but I plead Latin.  That’s right, I am done with my language requirements for my degree, and I got out with a respectable grade, which I did not see coming! 772 more words



I’ve been here in America for over a year now. I never really had a vision of what my life would be like after I settled in. 238 more words

Daily Update