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04.25.15: Ledezma in Hospital

A Caracas court ordered Antonio Ledezma’s transfer from the Ramo Verde military prison to a hospital last night so that he might receive medial care for an inguinal hernia. 408 more words

Daily Update

April 24th: Minimal

I wrote a function. It was one that I needed for the enemy I’m making, so hey good job me, but not a lot of work. 22 more words

Daily Update

E is a good daughter and makes presents

Today my mother is older.  This is of course something that happens every second, but today she hits the big Now A Year Older Than Last Year milestone. 549 more words


04.24.15: Drop in the Bucket

The president of the Federacion Farmaceutica Venezolana , Freddy Ceballos, responded to yesterday’s announcement that the government would create a registry to help administer medicine in the country.  407 more words

Daily Update

Friday, April 24. 2015

Today in English I classes…

1. We wrote and corrected 2 DOL sentences.

2. We reviewed bonus point opportunities due today (grade sheet, crossword) and Monday (theme activity). 85 more words

Daily Update

April 23rd: Slack

Ah I feel kinda guilty I did basically nothing today. I did a bit of planning on this enemy behavior, laying out all of the behavioral code as directive comments, but didn’t make much real progress. 92 more words

Daily Update

04.23.15: Bravado

The managers of three different Abastos Bicentenarios in Anzoategui state were arrested today under suspicion sabotaging their operations. Maduro made the announcement today during a televised speech, and he also announced the arrest of… 587 more words

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