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Bikeade - the electrolyte sports drink that's 100% naturally awesome

When you’re outside exerting yourself and sweating up a storm, it really is a good idea to drink something with electrolytes in it.

Dad and the Bro are riding for… 929 more words


07.28.15: "Arbitrary Government"

Maduro met with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today to discuss the border dispute with Guyana over the Essequibo region. After the meeting, Maduro said that Ki-moon had… 1,270 more words

Daily Update

28 July 2015

Hey, did you know there’s flowing ice on Pluto? Neither did literally anyone else until the recent data from the New Horizons probe was analyzed. 226 more words


June 27th: Adjusting

I’m thinking I’m going to change up my work schedule, and instead of trying to put an hour in on each thing I’m working on each day I’m going to try to put in a 2-4 hour block on one thing each day. 226 more words

Daily Update

Everythings fine.....until it's not

Pompous. Yup, that’s a good word for the day. Well, actually that was the word of the day last Wednesday (july 22nd) when I decided, “Everything is going so well, I don’t need these STINKIN’ methotrexate pills any longer!!!” I’m done!!!!!!” I have felt fine for so long that I truly felt that I could stop taking the medication. 341 more words

Daily Update

27 July 2015

Bleargh …. Not feeling fantastic health wise. Picked up a stomach bug it appears. Still managed to put together my Mr. Holmes video though so there’s that. 128 more words



For the last few weeks I’ve been feeling low, it started with a friend of mine telling me that her mum had died overnight. She had been nice to me on the few occasions that I had met her but I didn’t really know her all that well to be honest. 239 more words

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