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March 2nd: Torpor

Been having a real hard time with motivation last couple of days, hopefully transitory. I got new versions of the slope animations done today, but that’s about it, and I was definitely hoping to do more. 6 more words

Daily Update

03.02.15: Ni Pies Ni Cabeza

Minister of Foreign Relations Delcy Rodriguez met today with the United States’ highest-ranking diplomat in Venezuela, Lee McClenny, and told him that his government has two weeks to reduce their diplomatic staff in the country. 436 more words

Daily Update

ART: Animations and new ship design

Implemented some quick animation into the game while also making the ship a bit more detailed and interesting

Daily Update

26 Days Old - Stringing the Good Days Together!

March 1st, 2015

Had another stable, steady night last night!  We are holding at the same oxygen supply and ventilator settings after my blood gas this morning, but the doctor is pleased that I am having so many good days in a row.  213 more words

Daily Update

March 1st: Rollover

Fixed a bug with the character speeding up while falling off ledges, added some special transitions for doing an air attack just as the kind of air attack your supposed to be inputting changes (for example doing a rising attack just as you reach the peak of your jump, or a normal attack right before doing a double jump). 91 more words

Daily Update

1 March 2015

Philadelphia, Transit, Shire
Eating: ate too much
Steps: 17,167
Cardio: 30 minutes treadmill interval and 30 minutes treadmill walking (laundry night)
Soundtrack for cardio:

Daily Update