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10.19.17: Our Great Challenge

Henrique Capriles, the former governor of Miranda state, spoke today for the first time on Sunday’s gubernatorial election, and lashed out against the Maduro regime and opposition critics who downplayed the role that fraud had in the opposition’s defeat in the vote. 827 more words

Daily Update

October 19, 2017 (October 18, 3018)

The Hobbits see Bilbo’s trolls & Glorfindel finds them at dusk

Shire Reckoning: October 18, 3018 (Winterfilth 18, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.Flight “The morning dawned bright and fair” (~p.8) – “good breakfast in the Shire had done” (~p.15) 475 more words

Daily Update

August 18th: Concept

Went back to one of the concept arts I did before and spent several hours revising it, plus a bit of time working on another one. 41 more words

Daily Update

One-Book Deal Becomes Three-Book Deal

I am extremely excited to announce a major development in my vocation as a novelist. Seven months ago, an indie publisher took a chance on me and agreed to publish my debut novel – “The Dark Truth.” I purposely wrote the story as a cliffhanger, with at least a sequel in mind, possibly more. 130 more words

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10.18.17: Hard Evidence

Tibisay Lucena, the head of the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), spoke before the Constituent Assembly today in defense of her organization as allegations of electoral fraud from the Venezuelan opposition and international governments continue to pour in. 1,363 more words

Daily Update

10/17-10/18: Day 1 Bad Boy

In Class:

  1. We read and analyzed Ms. Sayyah’s “I Am From” poem, linked: Cycle One PPT Day 1. (Analysis questions also linked).
  2. We learned what a memoir is from…
  3. 112 more words
Daily Update

October 18, 2017 (October 17, 3018)

Frodo grows weaker

Shire Reckoning: October 17, 3018 (Winterfilth 17, 1419)

Pages To Read:
– FR.Flight “In the morning he woke to find” (~p.6) – “the hollows of the hills” (~p.8) 127 more words

Daily Update