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New Year's Eve

Vancouver is still covered with snow – in fact it snowed again all day today! So much fun! I think snow is the best. We went to the park with the ball (balls are the best!) and I made a new best friend. 243 more words

Daily Walks

Taking a Constitutional

Yesterday my wife and I took a constitutional. That’s “old-speak” for taking a walk for your health, mental and physical. In “new-speak” that might mean getting the heart rate up, conducting a slow cardio workout brisk enough to be good for the ticker, and clearing the mind with a nip of north wind. 236 more words

Chasing balls in the snow

I really love the snow. It’s weird though – the whole scent profile of my world is different!

I saw on the news tonight that the Hubble telescope can see the light from a firefly from 7000 miles away (hu-mom thinks I just sit next to her on the couch, but, hey, I’m paying attention). 192 more words

Daily Walks

cream brick

One of my options in our restricted poodlewalks during the current grass seed season is to park the Forester in Kent Reserve, walk west along the Encounter Bay beach towards Rosetta Head, then back along Franklin Parade to the Forester. 197 more words

Daily Walks

restricted walks

The morning and evening poodlewalks have become limited in scope and diversity. Ari is now 15 years old. He has slowed down and he is unsteady on his back legs. 151 more words

Daily Walks