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on small walks

With few exceptions, my photography has been limited to the small walks I’ve been doing in and around Encounter Bay with Kayla and Ari in both the morning and evening. 160 more words

Daily Walks

along Encounter Bay

Now that the household is based in Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor with an young pup–Kayla–the poodle walks have changed. I do a gentle, meandering walk along the beach at Encounter Bay with Ari and Kayla in the morning and afternoon whilst Suzanne does the more strenuous Bluff and Dog Beach walk with Maleko. 46 more words

Daily Walks

along Franklin St

The last poodle walk Ari and I did whilst I was living in the Sturt St townhouse in Adelaide’s CBD was on the Sunday morning before we left the city to live on the coast at Encounter Bay. 132 more words

Daily Walks

Mason's Dad gets a Wheelchair Ramp

Mason loves his Dad, and his Dad loves him.  One of the things that could make their quality of life a little better, would be for Mason’s Dad to be able to use his wheelchair, and perhaps go for walks with Mason. 216 more words


Looking back

I did not know what to write. There was so much to write about. We did so much. We stood still for a while and acknowledged it was 25 years later. 224 more words

Daily Walks

at Second Valley

We took a break from our shift to Victor Harbor on Sunday afternoon. We’d had enough of packing up at Sturt St and clearing out the years of accumulated junk at Victor Harbor. 206 more words

Daily Walks

Chesser St

The Sturt St townhouse is now under contract with settlement a month away,  and so it was okay for the poodles and myself to return to the Adelaide and mess the house up. 184 more words

Daily Walks