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Pug speed

Last week Lue came to stay while his hu-mom gave a paper at Harvard – he was so proud of her! He basically thinks our house is an extension of his, and vice versa, so it didn’t take long for him to settle right in. 240 more words

Daily Walks


Vancouver is experiencing the effects of Typhoon Songda in the Pacific this weekend – 4000 km away and look what it is doing! I guess that’s the butterfly effect in action. 129 more words

Daily Walks

Music video shoot day 2

I’m loving being a music video star – er, extra… Glamour, location, treats, chain mail… um, yes, chain mail.

I can tell you, that stuff is heavy! 133 more words

Daily Walks

Swimming in the rain...

…and shooting videos. Today I helped my friend Becky¬†shoot her new music video – I can’t wait to see it finished! Do we not look fabulous? 86 more words

Daily Walks

I pull my weight...

I am nothing if not helpful. I help hu-mom every day. Today I helped her bring home wine.

I wore my most excellent back pack. Saddle bags, really. 73 more words

Daily Walks

early spring

The early Spring weather has been wild, since the opening of the Weltraum exhibition at Magpie Springs on Sunday. The gale force winds and driving rain have meant that I didn’t bother to take my digital camera with me on the early morning and evening poodle walks. 114 more words

Daily Walks

carpe diem

What, dogs don’t know Latin? Sure they do. Anyway… today at lunch time I dragged hu-mom away from her wretched computer and took her to the park for a dose of September sunshine. 115 more words

Daily Walks