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I Peter 3 ~ 5/4/16

I Peter 3 ~ 5/4/16

Just as other authorities over us we as women are to submit* to the authority of our husband even if they are disobedient to God, so that we can witness to them. 279 more words


Philosophy Tuesday

Pop quiz:  What’s more important?  Believing in yourself?  Or hard work, practice, and perseverance?

Correct!  That was a trick question.  The answer delightfully lies along… 769 more words


The Pleasant Surprises Keep Coming...

Visiting the Rijksmuseum and heading towards where the “Nightwatch” is located, visitors are first stunned by the expace of stained glass before them. Then they slowy become aware that the wall to their left is full of painted images. 140 more words


May 4th Proverbs

May 4

Read Proverbs 4

Wisdom and understanding in Gods word will help you through life.

King Solomon wrote most of Proverbs when he was ruling Israel when the nation was faithful to God. 140 more words


2 Take Home Lessons for the Day

Blog entry for the day:

Being stuck in traffic on my way home, I found myself in tears. In tears, definitely not because of the traffic but because of something else. 295 more words


Venting by Deactivating

I am at work right now. I always wondered what it felt like to have a job that allowed the time to do things like peruse Facebook and blog. 307 more words


Day 258: McCaig's Tower, Oban, UK

Day 258: McCaig’s Tower, Oban, UK

Bit of another random one today as I decided to return to looking at another Folly, in this case a Colosseum shaped on above the town of Oban in Scotland. 230 more words