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Savior of Smile

Sweat dripping into visible drops.
Suffocating amid the clinched bus buzzing with 50 people or so.
Ensnared in the pungent body odor reservoir.
Arm muscles strained but cannot let go any moment, or I would end up crashing into others. 76 more words

Arbitrary Shreds

Rabbit Pie

Today is going to be one of those days when I have countless ideas, but can’t pin down a single one.

I once read a theory that it’s a mistake to think, if you chase a dozen rabbits, then statistically you’re sure to catch at least one. 154 more words


Is gold the new wonder ingredient? | London Beauty Insider

I was recently asked by the London Beauty Insider if Gold really was one of the new Wonder Ingredients.

They wrote:

Gold is next on the agenda, and one that immediately results in an eye roll. 258 more words

The FAB Company

If you have seen my YouTube videos, or posts or twitter or wherever in my social media you may know that I am planning to build a gaming channel, (ooooo that’s overdone, you suck) yeah yeah…the truth is I like to play¬†games and I wanna do it! 87 more words