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What to do?

Today has been a decision making day and I don’t know if I’ve made all the right ones, but oh well, they’re made. 197 more words


Tip 16: Keeping In Touch With People

Hi guys, it’s been a few days since my last post. A lot has gone on since then. I’ve been writing articles for other blogs as well as working on a book I’m writing. 808 more words


Well, that's embarrassing

I know this title is confusing, but what can I say… it can relate to a lot.

We all know that MS can cause some not so pleasant  902 more words


Daily post: What is this?

The other day i was thinking about what can I talk about? What is interesting for other people? Would they like the same things that i like? 198 more words


Day 7: Selfies, Shopping, & Sweat

Lucky day 7! I can’t believe it’s already been a week wow, and I can’t believe 1/6 of my trip has already passed. The past 7 days have been both infinitely long and infinitely short. 1,318 more words

+30 | Today was a good day

Hello wordl & Happy Friday :)

Today has been a really lovely day. It’s been +30 celcius and if I can honestly say – it’s about damn time we got some of this aswell. 240 more words


TGIF (not so for me) *late by just a winnybit

It’s alr Fri!!! :( time is ticking by so damn quickly! And soon before we even realise, it’ll be end of hols and like start of school :( … 317 more words