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Below the Bloat

We’ve all been there. (51% of us anyway). It’s that time of the month, and for some awful, horrible reason, your stomach has decided to duplicate in size. 190 more words


Philosophy Tuesday

I was practicing Kung Fu with my friend Evan one day, working on one of the opening moves in our Xing Yi form.  He was testing my structure, and I was just not getting it. 562 more words


Dillon, day 100 of my life in DC!

Jack & Tommy, Jack & Tommy… Good Lord. Will she ever stop using those two as the example Micky & I need to follow? Every time either one of us does something “bad,” here come Jack & Tommy to rub our little noses in it. 462 more words


Blog #135, Day 145.

Tuesday January 17th, 2017 at 8:55 PM.

Back to college blogs, where I actually have something to complain about.

I am back at college. I think it feels better than last time. 260 more words


Blog #134, Day 144.

Monday January 16th, 2017.

I moved all of my stuff into my dorm today.

My roommate wasn’t there. I probably should have left a note or something. 61 more words


17/365: Overheard in Wegmans

I went to Wegmans today and found it bustling with life – as Wegmans so often is. And since I wasn’t talking on the phone like I normally do while shopping, I overheard quite a bit. 188 more words


Ever Wondered What Is Inside A Bungy Rope?

Three years ago whilst in Hanmer Springs, I went past one of the shops where you can get tickets for various tours and activities. One of these activities was bungy jumping. 101 more words