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Enjoy Being Alone

Being alone all day, without being bothered to go out with friends, some people do enjoy it. Not because they are tired after working / school or anti-social people,  but because they are just a homebody. 39 more words

2016 08 29 #1

Finding an equilateral triangle in square-lattice is impossible. Then what about finding a square in equilateral triangle-lattice? What about finding a regular n-gon in regular m-gon-lattice?


It's what other people think

There was a debate about the professionalism of tattoos on 5 Live yesterday.
As is the case with all call in shows, they say something contentious and get opinionated idiots on to rile other people and make content. 128 more words


Dear Ex-Confidant

There was once a time when talking to you,

felt like utter bliss.

The thought of it not occurring, would tear my heart apart.

Missing a chance of telling you about anything on my mind, 196 more words

Architecture Monday

This is a factory.

Yes,  a factory.  Of the industrial sort.  It’s even an extension of an existing, “conventional” factory.

But it’s a factory that harnesses the power of wind, sunlight, rainwater, and vegetation to harness the power of the workers within.  326 more words



I am just feeling tired and not hungry the whole day.

I don’t get it. I am not sick but I am acting like if I was sick. 16 more words



Yeah, so, Homer passed away today.

As you know, Homer went to the vet a few weeks ago for a variety of ailments. He did his best to put on a brave face, but the truth is he was not OK. 902 more words