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a selkie tale - part 22

The next day, Fenella, her sister, and the rest of their selkie clan swarmed their underwater garden in a celebratory parade for their youngest kin to return home safely. 408 more words


Haiku-A-Day #1727

Breeze blows out candle

Thrown into utter darkness

The doorknob rattles


Architecture Monday

I do so love rammed earth construction.  (So much so that it was one of my first Architecture Monday posts.)  Something about it exudes warmth for me, often coupled with a delightful tactile roughness along with the beauty from the colourful striations. 119 more words


2013-08 Roy AAPL


Strong close for the fruit today, defying the obvious $460 opex pin and closing higher (how did “they” let that happen???).  Bodes well for next week, I think.  907 more words

"Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin" Unjuk Video Gameplay Terbaru

Video berdurasi 36 detik

Game yang dibesut oleh developer Edelweiss ini merilis video baru berjudul “Projectile Reversals“.

Melalui video ini kita dapat menyaksikan sistem gameplay yang diusung game ini. 156 more words