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3 Tahun, 348 Momen

Hai, kau!
Hari ini aku cukup dibuat kaget oleh pemberitaan publik. Sebuah berita dari startup digital di republik tetangga, mengabarkan prihal keadaanmu. Katanya, tak lama lagi kau akan pergi. 293 more words


9.19.2018 (Morning)

Just a little update. It’s been slow here, and I am terrible about after-the-fact blogging.

Panthalassa has a few nagging issues we need to address; Cap’n re-bedded a hatch last week and we have a few more to do (butyl tape only does so much), and our air conditioner is leaking. 237 more words


Tomorrow's A Different Day #91

Day 91: Second Hand Instructions

When you’re an only child and your parents get a new tv or something, and you are automatically assigned to help them set it up, and as you’re setting it up you get to that point where the said adult you’re working with gets the instructions out and struggles to read them and you ask if you can help and they say “no” so you’re left to interpret their second-hand instructions and ultimately it starts to frustrate you, but you don’t say anything because they cherish all the independence they can get and never not want to be a leader. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.


Sri Lankan stocks edge up following the worst day in more than two years

Sri Lanka, Sep 19 (Insights Equity) – Sri Lankan shares gained ground today from record losses suffered yesterday where the stocks slumped to the lowest close in more than two years. 306 more words

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