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Day Adventures - #1

To somehow make my summer feel worthwhile, I’ve decided to catalogue each day, here.  Something fun, something new, something to remember from the day.

Hopefully by the end of summer I’ll have something great to look back on. 89 more words

Summer Palace fit for a King

We’ve made it a summer goal to embrace nature at least once a day – and if not that, at least a few times throughout the week. 459 more words



Since Cas and I were about to start a fitness competition, we wanted to eat everything we loved beforehand. 75 more words

Daily Adventures

Warehouse Takeover at the Travelers Club

This past Saturday was the Warehouse Takeover event at the Travelers Club. The event was hosted by Neu Age, a local creative platform, and 5&aDime, a local clothing shop. 137 more words

Daily Adventures

Valentine's Day 2014

Had a very eventful Valentine’s Day! I woke up to roses and a card from my good friend, Noah. I wasn’t expecting it at all since I’ve been mad at him lately. 273 more words

Daily Adventures

The 1950s are calling

I’ve found that in many ways the UK is far advanced over the US in the rights and treatment of women: birth control, for example, is free in the UK. 584 more words


Joy Division

I like Joy Division. They are, in fact, my favorite band. They’re not the easiest to listen to or the most prolific but they’re quality. 735 more words