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Steintrek, an all new season, less shallow

Steintrek’s summer hiatus is over. Not much has happened. Unless you count a haircut and buying wife-beater undershirts and a package of ankle socks from TJ Max. 330 more words

Own It!

Yesterday, Harry and I were on Daily Burn 365 to talk about our weight loss and Harry’s sob story.

I love being able to share our stories and I want to thank those who made it possible. 193 more words

I Need Blood!

All I need are ripped fishnet stockings and lucite high heels and I’d have the legs of a five dollar hooker.

Production at Daily Burn 365 last Friday was held up while make up was applied to my lower legs. 227 more words


Week 8 Weigh In

I am pleased to say that I lost 2 pounds in these past 2 weeks!

How did I do it? I am doing the DailyBurn True Beginner workout program, counting my calories and working with a psychologist. 104 more words

I'm a DailyBurn "True Beginner".

I was doing the DailyBurn program from the DailyBurn website for a couple of weeks. I heard about their 6-week True Beginner program and decided to try it. 65 more words

Non-scale victories

At Daily Burn, the focus is on a better quality of life rather than weight so there’s always talk of non-scale victories. Many of the participants say they are able to play longer with their kids or they can now fit into only two airplane seats. 126 more words


Born the week the Beatles broke up

Today I turn 46. Not a huge milestone, as I’m already legally allowed to drink, drive and vote, although not together.

I never cared about getting older or lying about my age because there are so many more important things to lie about. 176 more words