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What Happens On Day 13?

… So after the racket and the mess made from the previous 12 days of Christmas, what do we do on the 13th?

Do we now make friends with all the Lords and Ladies we have now been gifted? 89 more words

Goodbye, Good Girls

I Am a Little Sad Today

My 81 year-old mother would tell you that the reason she doesn’t look a day over 79 is that she was surrounded her whole life by children.  1,940 more words


Finished Present Wrapping

I love the holiday season present wrapping time. It really brings joy to me and i find it extremely relaxing, so long as they are usual shapes. 38 more words

Hand full of flowers

Eight. Eight plain bed sheets were sent to laundry Thursday afternoon when she arrived sooner than what her clan had expected. She lowered her right palm and gestured to have her mother’s back hand touch her forehead. 248 more words


Day 11; Note To Self Don't Reheat Iced Tea

…. So I boiled lemon iced tea in a pan and it does not work.

The smell goes and the taste goes bland. I’ll stick to the proper tea that I know and love.

Yorkshire Tea! All the way!


Imagine how love can be so fatal and healing at the same time.

It’s like you’re still trying to breathe even if you know you will die in an hour. 119 more words

Kids Films Hold The Christmas Magic

It’s true that kids films really do hold the magic that Christmas brings.

The believing and the waiting is just amazing. What really gets me is the joy on their faces when they see the gifts. 65 more words