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who i am and why i'm here

i just signed up for blogging fundamentals and i have been tasked with writing about who i am and why i’ve decided to blog. i have not really taken the time to get instructions on blogging, i jumped in head first when i first started this blog and have not been regular about my posts at all so my goal is to learn more about the blogging process and have helpful reminders to blog more frequently. 139 more words


Day 296: The Man and the Last Words; 'Yarn'

On the last day of National Poetry Month, I wanted to share this poem by Pablo Neruda. Neruda was a gifted poet from a young age, a diplomat, a politician, and lived a life dedicated to his country of Chile, especially through some of its most difficult and tumultuous years. 576 more words

Nothing will come toward you in a golden plate!

A creative person really needs to dig into deep of his mind and his heart, and come up with something that he really wants to. It is a part of growth, it is a part of creativity. 16 more words

Until the next...

And with that last gasp of winter,
I buried your memory deep inside
My temporal lobe. Never to be awakened,
Until the next purple Acashia’s bloom… 20 more words
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Can't Get Any Better! 

I give kudos to those who have learned the skill of knitting.

It looks very tedious, but the results of what people create with yarn is amazing! 72 more words



My ever thirsty wanderlust has brought me to Venice, Italy this weekend. It’s true there’s no place like Venice! Where are you headed?

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Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Yarn...

Sometimes you win, sometimes you Yarn…more popular sometimes you lose. Sometimes you fail. Many examples exist of well known leaders who tried, failed and eventually succeeded including the likes of J.K. 21 more words