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Shroud of a Reverie: Lady of Shallot

I perch in some reverie
Where I am some magical creature
In a magical land.

I think myself a sprite
Small and unseen,
Being modern whilst… 65 more words

Creative Writing


if only you knew
how ridiculously wrong
you are about me


Habit of hazard


it was a big thing to swallow

for a well-bred girl,

while everyone gathered

to watch, agree and reassure

the procedure

to save

from breaking and scattering… 35 more words


Last Day..

PeCaPeCa….Gail has done a marvelous nursing job..my knee has gone down a lot and it only five minutes to get to the bathroom this morning..it’s by no means well but soooooooo much better.. 142 more words

Arts And Crafts


Let it explode,
Making yourself shake.

There is always something:
Something to make you lag,
Something to make you laugh.

Creative Writing

 DailyPost prompt asks: If you could ban any word in the English language, what would it be?

Orb. Definitely orb. At first I couldn’t decide between “literally” and “totally”, but then my train of thought rattled to words that are used in poetry way too often.

196 more words

Daily post: Writing room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

How would it be? What do I need to feel comfortable and in peace to read and write?  

396 more words