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Yes..another one...

After my housework…got started on another doll..Katie Ruth..I love a redhead…

..yes she’s a real person..she loves science music dance and Life..
What yous guys think of her?…love..love…love the hair.. 170 more words

Arts And Crafts

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.”

Three people walk into a bar…

The Bar Manager

The Bartender

and The Waiter!

“Bar Open”


~We are the Blanks.

Daily Prompt – Fill in the Blank.

“Hey, mum?”

“Yes, Alan?” Mother replied, without looking away from the shirt she was mending.

“Why do we live?” 491 more words



A Great time at the beach..I do believe there was not a grain of sand that somebody was sitting on to enjoy the Magnifacent Day given…it was packed…but it didn’t dampen our Fun in the Sun…and neither did these old…out of shape bodies in a swimsuit either..we thought we looked good compared to what we saw younger than us..we walked proudly…LOL! 249 more words

Arts And Crafts

Rearrange: Say Nothing

Rearrange furniture.
Will probably return it to its previous placement.
Don’t get told.
Feel control.
Have control.
Get closer, to whatever it is we’re all looking for.

Creative Writing


A peony flower still enveloped in its bud. More pictures at Weekly Photo Challenge. Enveloped and at Today´s Flowers.


And this is why I hate guys...

Rule #1: Never under any circumstances put a hot guy in the so called ‘friendzone’. 

Honestly, I think I should just give up whilst I’m so drastically behind. 406 more words