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The Mystical Chest

Webster defines a Treasure Chest as “a large box that is filled with gold, silver,jewels, etc.I would like to relate our mystical life to the treasure chest.A treasure chest is something in which the contents are often not known until it is discovered and more often than not, the discoverer is rewarded quite handsomely. 181 more words


Love is a treasure!

“Giving love is the highest pleasure, but receiving it back is the greatest treasure!”

Art by :Sasha
Art type : Pencilsketching




If I could put all the things I treasure into a chest,
I would put in coffee for my mornings,
and a notebook for writing, with lots of really nice pens. 101 more words



The twinkling of the

lights above: treasure or just

its imitation?


the pursuit of happiness

To catch a piece of happiness
or at least to snatch its tail
I could walk the world around
and if lucky
try out some know-how or a way: 121 more words

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“I have been finding treasures in places
I did not want to search.
I have been hearing wisdom from tongues
I did not want to listen. 120 more words


How doth one protesteth a petty injustice, when one’s very sustenance is at stake?

“Mummy? Whilst thou giveth me mine cookie?”

Ah, to babble, perchance to speak? 6 more words

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