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CFFC: Pets with Toys

Dog and Jumping Puppy Toys

The funniest part was watching this cute dog watch these jumping puppy toys,  so confused he looked like “what is happening” :-) 6 more words


Electric diadems

Electric diadems. They shock and entice. Beauty at cost of paralysis and a buzz. It keeps the back straighter, and hair more voluminous. Rubber soles keeps it in, to be transformed by touch. 52 more words

Creative Writing

Tart | A State of Mind

Black currents. Saskatoon berries. Stinging tongue. Sore lips. Small pops. A blueberry seems bland. Clock at 11:11. There is no wish: the subconscious isn’t speaking. Jet lag: never flown. 44 more words

Creative Writing

Hand Holding

She holds her own hand. She holds it too tight. White and red stripes. Tingles. She won’t let it go. If she holds on tight enough, she’ll forget she is the one holding it. 35 more words

Creative Writing


Once again it’s midnight and I’m still awake, wide awake. I will never get my head around why I have to stay up till midnight.I try so hard to go to bed before then but for some reason I just can’t seem to do it. 73 more words


a perfect sunday

When you suddenly feel the bitterness of the cold you know autumn is slowly disappearing and the coldness of winter is arriving.

Waking up and realising you’ve slept in till midday isn’t the best wake up call but at least it’s a Sunday and you know it was ok to lie in. 177 more words