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Weekly Photography Challenge: Sweets

The photo challenge this time is to share something sweet. I’m not the sweet-tooth I was in my youth -lollies have definitely lost their appeal. 78 more words


Be Still...

Waiting for Spring makes me feel like a child on Christmas morning!

I can feel her, just around the corner…

Today Be Still…

What a lovely time of year to remember how beautiful change can truly be… 8 more words


Lost in thought

Lost in thought, she creates her own universe. Caught up in the sound, she paints her own world; colors as bright as the dawn and music as soft as her heartbeat drive her forward until she becomes one with herself – her galaxy. 56 more words


Thankfullness Challenge Day 48

It’s snowing again! 😁

Today sadly I am not feeling 100% so I’ve been in bed most of the day trying to fight it. I am thankful for the snow as I look outside it makes me feel so much better and makes me smile. 10 more words


Life is not simple. And in most times we may find ourselves in front of our fears, with our knees shaking, uncertain of what to do. 761 more words

Hamilpuff Talks

Be Courageous

Courage is contagious.

It takes only one person/ voice to confront wrongdoers whose actions are uninhibited. If we engage with them physically or verbally, they will know they are not right, and they may be held accountable for their acts. 97 more words

The Daily Post

Courage 💪

Oh God give us courage,

Courage to make experiments and not be afraid of making mistakes,

Courage to get up when we are down,

Courage to work with all our might for the future of the world,

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