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Another Phase

Daily Post word prompt: Phase

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An email dropped into my inbox telling me that my blog was too heavy and depressing for one so young and so full of vitality. 543 more words

Employers are Paying More for These…

We all go through different phases in our lives. Let’s face it, our careers are intertwined in our everyday lifestyle. We strive to be educated whether in a formal educational institution; through our life experiences; or a combination of both. 253 more words


Phase of You

Daily Prompt Word – Phase

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A simple phase your going through,
in love with me, it can’t really be true.

A blissful moment of time stood still, 59 more words

Journey of going 30

Going 30 is like the arch of the first 30 years. Imagine if one has a life span of 90 years old…. this first 30 symbolises 1/3 of a life time. 273 more words


The Fall


Falling makes you feel some kind of way, as my friend Mika would say.  It’s a feeling of disconnecting with the ground, going from upright to stretched out flat, and then wondering what happened and if your hip is broken that lingers long after you stand up again.  343 more words

Deja Vu


Déjà vu is the title of my on-going story in the Phenomena Trilogy that I am still writing. 

It is a story focused on dreams and more. 35 more words

Random Thoughts