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Weekly Photo Challenge (Launch)

My entry for this weeks photo challenge the first of 2012 is a photo from when i did a 5 kilometer run in my local park for a Deafblind charity sense UK. 20 more words


Such a Charmer

First and foremost sorry if you are expecting anything spectacular! It wouldn’t be in keeping with the rest of the year if I didn’t do something spontaneous and a bit new and rough around the edges! 277 more words

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Ex-seed-ingly Impostor-able

Ok I know this is totally out of season! But I wanted to do something a bit fun to try and get you involved for what is my penultimate hear art creation today! 65 more words

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Tres Good

Tres = three in Spanish…

Three is a magic number…

…and it is also the amount of sleeps left on this 365 creative mission!

Mum presented me with a pack of ‘blow-pens’ for xmas…(yes we all know how easily pleased I am!) I cut out the word TRES in freehand serif style and used them as stencils to create todays heart art. 9 more words

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The End is Nigh

Finito. Stop. The finish line. Halt. No-more! It’s over!…well ALMOST!!!

A heart art celebration collage, cut and stuck with christmas cards.

3 days and counting…

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To fix a broken heart

We’ve been chopping up more wood and storing it away. I collected a tub of sawdust and knew I wanted to use it for my heart art somehow. 153 more words

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Between)

For this weeks photo challenge between i have chosen an image i took at my local park where u see the lake through the trees.