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Dreams… an actual metaphysical place where the ideologies of the mind are portrayed. .. ideologies is it, or frustration… A place where the subconscious can exert all frustrations out while we are the 1st person character of such inanimate environment. 235 more words


My city

Hello… My city…

The craze… the hustle… the bustle…

As said… and i quote, ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made’

Lets give it up for lagos city!!!

(Cheers in the crowd) 😊😊😊


The Books

Haunting words to a growing average nigerian kid… never speak this;

‘Go read your books’.

Never speak this… it’s an automatic entry to a kid’s black list… well my black list, but the grown ups never seemed to fear the blacklist, my superior list. 515 more words


Lines giving light.

Lines giving light.

Enthused about how my country has so much debated and battled about how to solve its electricity problems, and amidst the issues and constantly stagnated debates and policies, the citizens suffer the brunt. 71 more words


The Rising Comet - Akin Brown

Hi guys.. i trust your week is going smoothly, so today i’m going to talk about a voice… no, not just any voice, an awe-inspiring voice, a vocalist, a singer, an astronomically rising wonder, he is an… 588 more words


The guy in suit

The man in the suit, always carrying that bag, looking down at me as you bask in the pride of being an independent lad, having something to do, somewhere to go, keeping me guessing what’s up, what’s with you and going out, don’t you like the house. 229 more words


No name

It all makes sense now…

It’s crazy how you talk about fashion and trends… when your knowledge is only limited to your present institution.
It’s crazy when you talk about perfection when you haven’t even perfected your best trait… 173 more words