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हमारी गली..

अरे पूँछों जरा उनसे,

जो हमारी गली आये थे,

उनमे से बचा कौन,

और जो बचे भी,

उनमे से मिला कौन!



समय के साथ,

मैं आगे निकल आया,

और हम पीछे रह गए,

मसलन कुछ यूँ हुआ,

झोला तो हम ले आये,

पर कुछ जरूरी सामान, 6 more words


प्यार का पैमाना

सफ़र है छोटा और सुहाना,

उम्मीद है बनेगा कोई अफसाना,

क्या रखा है महबूब के नाम में,

चाहे वो मीना हो या हो शबाना,

बस भरना चाहिए प्यार का पैमाना!


Thoughts During Pandemic

every body is going through something different in their life. some are happy , some are sad and then there are some who lives with the flow. 720 more words

Barack Obama Twitter-ed (lol) about balance today

I was also very appreciative that I signed up to a service where President Obama texts us directly, and I found out that early voting began in my area so I voted yesterday and found out the State of Texas quit with me today. 644 more words


Melancholic Again

I’ve been feeling melancholic lately.

I resorted to reading Japan’s history again – just because I have become obsessed by the events from The Kamakura Period until the Meiji Restoration, especially the ones leading to the Meiji Era. 77 more words


The YMCA Sucks

Just get that shit outta America all they ever do is make everyone feel like a fat baby unless you are white. Then they make sure your picture is as ugly as hell in their computer system unless you are the Dad figure if they don’t like your power. 504 more words