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Do You Doublespeak?

We writers are gifted with turning a phrase, but with that power comes great responsibility.

Obscured Meaning*
By Elizabeth Cutright

I, like most high school students in the US, read the novel 1984 by…

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From Paris with Love

For writers, it’s tempting to try to record every moment of an adventure, but sometimes it’s better to surrender the pen and ink and just let the experience wash over you. 1,221 more words

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Soothing the Ravenous Soul

For writers and creatives, the daily battles can be won not just through countless counter attacks, but with extra doses of self-care and time set aside for creative pursuits. 1,434 more words

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Your Past Can Be Your Creative Guide

How many lives have you lived? I’m not referring to your reincarnation fantasies…though who doesn’t enjoy indulging in the notion that once we inhabited a different skin and a different reality? 738 more words

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You can win the battle of the run-on!

Telescopic sentences present an opportunity for writers to transform simple scenes with detail and description.

Last time we talked about Gary Hoffman’s Writeful, we explored the art of the railroad ramble.  662 more words

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