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Here's What's Helping Daimler Offset a Slump with Trucks

Daimler‘s third-quarter operating profit rose 23% as higher earnings from passenger cars offset falling demand for trucks, helping the group to keep to its forecast for higher annual profit. 280 more words


Daimler Going Silicon Valley with New Aims

The Bloomberg reporter commented on Zetsche’s newfound Silicon Valley ‘tech-look’ — complete with jeans and sneakers.

The “interesting” new comments mentioned above were made by Zetsche in an interview with Bloomberg. 114 more words

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There's Now a Children's Book About Self-Driving Cars

Fleets of self-driving cars used to be as about as plausible as unicorns jumping over rainbows. But with major automakers and technology companies racing to develop, test, and deploy self-driving cars to the masses, the era of autonomous vehicles suddenly seems believable. 426 more words


Tesla Extends Its Lead in the U.S. Luxury Sedan Market

Tesla Motors’ Model S is continuing to win market share in the U.S. luxury sedan market, extending its lead over competitors as American sales surged by as much as 59% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year, … 324 more words


BMW presents its self-balancing motorcycle of the future

The motorcycle of the future is so safe riders can cruise without helmet—all of the thrills with none of the danger—according to BMW.

The German automaker unveiled on Tuesday its Motorrad Vision Next 100, a sleek, self-balancing prototype the company released as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations. 308 more words


Daimler CEO Is Optimistic About Reaching Profit Goal

Daimler expects to hit targets for a small increase in earnings this year, Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche said, counting on “profitable growth” at its flagship luxury cars division. 135 more words


Daimler Unit to Pay $28.5 Million to Settle U.S. Clean Air Act Claims

Detroit Diesel Corp, a unit of automaker Daimler AG, will spend $14.5 million to reduce pollutants and pay a $14 million civil penalty to settle alleged violations of the U.S. 373 more words