Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Overall rating: 4/5

I’ve been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter books for years now, though there’s been too much space inbetween each novel for me to remember the tiny details that are crucial to understanding the stories. 332 more words

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Lectionary sermon for 19 June 2016 Year C on Luke 8: 26 -39 (Pr 7 C, Ord 12C, Pentecost + 5)

Demons Aplenty

A deranged young man embarks on a lunatic killing spree in a gay club in Orlando Florida.   Another young man in our own home town, after smoking synthetic marijuana starts talking raving nonsense at work.   1,887 more words

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Christian Magicians: The Gospel and the Magical Papyri

(The above image is taken from Asterion Mage’s Occult Art Website)

In Johnny Mercury, we explored many different connections between John the Baptist with Mercury/Hermes as well as other wisdom gods and Zodiacal signs. 4,924 more words


daimon: Word of the day for May 29, 2016

daimon , n :
A tutelary spirit that guides a person; a demon, a genius, a lar.

Confessions of Tension (8/09)

Perhaps more commonly than is generally recognized, many of us are afforded a vision or two, usually while we are still young—visions of (or from… 960 more words


“We know that something unknown, alien, does come our way, just as we know that we do not ourselves make a dream or an inspiration, but that is somehow arises of its own accord. 140 more words



Genius is a man’s guardian spirit. A man’s genius is his origin-ality, his divine essence, that which distinguishes him from all other men.

Aladdin lives in the lamp of a man’s body. 145 more words

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