[Transferred Article] WATCH: The Exorcist director caught real DEMONIC possession on camera

An interesting report below from the UK’s Daily Express.  Given the resurgence of daemonic posessions and the interest in the Exorcist film and television series (a further link beyond those of Harry Potter etc?), then there are two points of note in the linked article. 256 more words


Are atheists subject to possession by daemonic entities?

Are atheists subject to possession by daemonic entities?

Such a question requires serious contemplation.  What follows is a mere meditation upon the issue.

If we assume the general Abrahamic view of daemonic entities as ‘sinister’ and ‘malevolent,’ then surely the atheist is a prime candidate for daemonic attack.  336 more words


[Transferred Article] Scientists continue to postulate the existence of consciousness post-mortem

Another interesting article, this time from Newsweek and linked below.

When the cells of the body and brain fail to immediately switch into a post-mortem state of decline, the immediacy with which consciousness is absent from a dead body is further suggestive of the mind-body duality. 100 more words

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Unleash Your Gnostic Fury

I recently came across an online image/meme that said, “God gave me depression because if my ambitions went unchecked I would have bested him in hand to hand combat by age 16.” I don’t know the original source of this image or who created it. 1,455 more words


The Vatican is Training Exorcists

It certainly seems that the Catholic church is presently concerned with a perceived increase in daimonic activity.  After calls in Ireland for more exorcists, the situation in Italy is seemingly comparable and has lead to the Vatican stepping in to train exorcists. 182 more words

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Dark Hunters Graphic Novels (1-4)

Hello Readers!

Today I’ll be covering four graphic novels together. I am not usually a reader of graphic novels. My friend recommended this series to me and I have to say I enjoyed these books very much.  388 more words

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