Dark Hunters Graphic Novels (1-4)

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Today I’ll be covering four graphic novels together. I am not usually a reader of graphic novels. My friend recommended this series to me and I have to say I enjoyed these books very much.  388 more words

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Do memories of negative conversations, confrontations and decisions tend to stick with you longer than you would like? Are these same memories often the reasons why you hesitate taking risks in your daily life? 618 more words


Daimon: Guiding Spirit of the Nativity


Sunday 29 October 2017

1:00 – 5:00 PM

Portland School of Astrology

I’m excited to announce I will be co-teaching an interactive workshop with… 291 more words


A Scrying mirror to the soul

Sitting outside one morning watching the sun rise above the hills of the Colonial Valley and sipping from a cup of coffee cradled between my hands and warming the air around and within I looked down into the cup of dark liquid and this came to mind… 107 more words

The Imaginal World

In this complex and bizarre world, getting in touch with a trustworthy inner compass is both increasingly challenging and essential. One way that we can access that compass, our personal… 936 more words


Summoning a Daimon Assistant and the Closeness of the Supernatural (PGM I.42-195)

Peter Brown, at the onset of his lectures given at Yale in 1996 on death and the afterlife (linked below), remarked that the supernatural in Late Antiquity and before was viewed as much closer to the mortal world and more tangible than we think of today. 1,369 more words