Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful stranger this is for you,

I’m glad we found each other.  Come here.  Whisper.  Get close.  Tell me about the person you want to become.  273 more words


Minirecensioner – Elixir för en Daimon

Titel: Daimon
Författare: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Serie: Covenant #0.5
Sidantal: 62
Utgivningsår: 2011

Hur Alexs liv var innan hon kom tillbaka till The Covenant. 336 more words


La serenità serotoninica: James Hillman.

«In questa società e in quest’epoca, in cui i tipi strambi, per essere curati da prepotenti intensità individuali, sono rinchiusi in ospizi, impasticcati di serenità serotoninica e riabilitati nei gruppi; in cui qualsiasi cosa “troppo” diversa viene emarginata, diventa particolarmente importante per la coscienza della nazione sostenere attivamente il fuori dall’ordinario.» 451 more words


Why So Serious?

I’ve noticed something missing from my life. I have it at work but fail to have it present in any other aspect of my life. It’s my wit. 648 more words


False Gods, Divine Charlatans and Hermetic Hustlers (Part 2)

Daimonic Doubles Revisited

The concept of the “twin” or even “divine twin” is a common one that also appears in antiquity. This is a notion that a person has within a transcendent dimension, or a “heavenly counterpart”, or what in various modern magical “secret” orders call the “Holy Guardian Angel”. 7,165 more words


Doctor X-3 ep 3 (jdrama)

The episode starts with Daimon-sensei is working her team to the bones as she continues doing surgery after surgery. The male doctors watch from above. At first, they’re amazed by her speed and quick wits in order to find the solution, but soon they start talking about the nurses and their nurse biases. 743 more words


Yeatsian Practice

When I first started to dig into the Vision materials, I remember looking around the occult scene a bit to see if I could find if anything had done much with them and was a little surprised to see that they hadn’t. 1,819 more words