Mysticism Of The Grail

Joseph of Arimathea took from the Vessel a host made in the likeness of bread. As he raised it aloft there descended from above a figure like to a child, whose countenance glowed and blazed as bright as fire; and he entered into the bread, which quite distinctly took on… 517 more words

A sense of calling..

I just felt the need to come here and write for a bit.

Is already 12:31 AM and Im having trouble sleeping.

Im not sure exactly what is going on but I definitely feel charged with an extra amount of energy which I need dispelling.. 281 more words

Inner Life



The ancient Greek word ‘psyche’, is defined as ‘soul’ and it’s also the Greek word for butterfly. The idea of transition playing heavily in their mythology… first, a… 474 more words

The Daimon: Guardian Angel or Evil Seed?

On my recent vacation, I read James Hillman’s famous work, The Soul’s Code, in which he talks about the daimon, or the idea that, “The soul of each of us is given a unique daimon before we are born,” and that this companion of the soul exists to help each one of us recognize what we are called to do and adhere to it. 837 more words

Know Your Words

Book Review - James Hillman 'The Soul's Calling' (1/2): Acorns and Bad Seeds

I’m about to recommend a book published in 1996. Not only does that seem a bit late in the day, but also much of the book makes bold statements about a mythological ‘reality’ for which absolutely no proof whatsoever can be adduced and with some of which I completely disagree. 2,037 more words

Book Reviews

WeCare pentru Madalina

Primim o multime de cereri de ajutor. Incercam sa raspundem la toate, cu resursele pe care le avem. Daca nu reusim sa ajutam direct, publicam cererea pe pagina WeCare… 322 more words


Half-Blood #1 By Jennifer L. Armentrout | Book Review

3.45/5 stars

Hematoi purebloods come from the union of gods and mortals. Two Hematoi Purebloods equals a ‘Pure’ – children with godlike powers. The Half-Bloods have their future set by the ‘Pures’. 588 more words