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Wallabies, a David Attenborough experience and yet another wild, wild campsite - Day 293 - 7 November

The insects had taken their toll the night before and after being attacked by them prior to ‘climbing the wooden stairs to bed’ we awoke today quite weary and possibly somewhat shell (or more appropriately beetle) shocked. 919 more words

Cairns - Australia

After seven months in Asia, I was ready to leave behind the fast paced, noisy life and return to a more familiar environment. I landed in Cairns airport in the early hours of the morning and as I stepped out into the cooler air, it wasn’t the rush of taxi drivers shouting at me, trying to usher me into an overpriced taxi which threw me back. 895 more words

Some White Lippy!

The white-lipped tree frog is Australia’s largest native frog growing up to 14 cm. Ranging in colour from pure green to greenish-brown or pale brown, it has a brilliant white stripe that runs along its lower jaw and the side of its head. 208 more words


Daintree Rainforest Day Tour

On Wednesday I went for a day tour of a small part of the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland with tour company Billy Tea Tours. The day started with me getting picked up at 7am in Cairns and then driving north to pick up the rest of the tour group, a mix of nationalities and ages. 591 more words


Final Day in Australia and The Oldest Rainforest

We kicked our last day in Australia off with a good old fashioned road trip. But when our family does a road trip, they go all-in…..because…how often are you in Australia, right? 630 more words


Toad of Toad Hall

Ok, so not everyone’s cup-of-tea!

Cane toads have been considered a blight to our ecology for decades. They have years to
embed themselves into our East coast states, across most of Queensland (into Cape York) 487 more words


The Australian Mega Road Trip, Part 4: Cairns and Cape York Peninsula

Okay, so maybe calling this part ‘Cape York Peninsula’ is a bit much since the Cape York Peninsula encompasses a massive part of north eastern Australia but the bitumen road stops just after a place called Cape Tribulation, beyond this point is gravel road which I believe isn’t too bad, however once you pass Cooktown which is about 100km from Cape Tribulation the road worsens and a 4×4 vehicle is essential, especially with the wet season not far away.  2,084 more words

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