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Another crop we’ve struggled with are plants in the Beet family, which includes Swiss Chard. It’s funny because when we lived in the city we had no problem growing beets in our little backyard garden. 410 more words



The matter of the benefits of shade to grazing animals is one of some dispute. Some producers hold that it isn’t really of any true benefit, that it is just a case of humanizing the animals. 664 more words


Hoof Trimming & Timing

We all know that routine checks and hoof trimming can help to prevent lameness on your dairy. We recently sat down with Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson, our hoof care experts with a combined total of 65+ years of hoof trimming experience, to ask them some important questions on hoof trimming and timing. 311 more words


Cow fights

Cow fights,

Spaniards fight with bulls while Indians fight over cows.
The holy cow has made many Indians so aggressive that they are ready to kill people for cows. 202 more words


Utilising new tools to improve liver fluke control on Victorian dairy farms.

Jane Kelley, PhD Candidate

This website is dedicated to liver fluke control on Victorian dairy farms. 212 more words

Liver Fluke

The All-American Dairy Show is not just a show

The All American Dairy Show is not just a show.

Picture this: You’re in your later years of 4-H and your whole life it seems you’ve been showing cow at your local fair. 1,008 more words


3 Things That Can Jeopardize Any Footbath Routine

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

Footbaths are an essential part of your hoof care routine to prevent lameness and disease.   611 more words