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Cow vs Price of Milk

When milk prices drop shouldn’t the price of what’s producing it?

Simple economics tells us that when we have a surplus, prices can drop, and when we have a demand greater than the supply the product becomes more valuable and increases. 423 more words

March Dairy E-News

 With this newsletter, we strive to bring you the most current dairy information.

Featured Articles:

  • Calf Management
  • Fertilization of Alfalfa Stands
  • Understanding Silage Preservation Characteristics…
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Get Your Goat (Incorporating News into Animal Science Lessons)

Sometimes, the pieces of life come together at the right time to put together a lesson and that’s what happened in my Animal Science Unit last week.  499 more words

Agricultural Education

Virtual Mill Tour

Take a virtual tour of our mill and then call to schedule a tour in person!

ADS 4221: Dairy Group Press Release

 Holy Cow, Why is that Cow so Skinny?!

By: Mississippi State Senior Seminar Dairy Group

As the dairy group, we are here to inform you that these cute little cows serve a purpose to provide for us. 345 more words


for the love of a moo cow.

I love cattle, I really do. I love all cows, but unlike a politically correct and diplomatic parent, I do have favourites- and that is anything with big flopping ears and a hump, a.k.a Brahmans. 1,411 more words

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