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From Corn Fields to Pastures

A process we undertook a few years ago, which is considered challenging by some, was to convert a continuous cornfield into a pasture/hayfield.

There are certain challenges to be appreciated here. 1,758 more words


It's Cold!

It has been very cold lately. Usually it never even gets this cold at any point in the winter. It’s already made it to negative 6 degrees F here. 398 more words

Home Economics

Stockpiling II

Ongoing experimentation with forage-based feeding of dairy cattle continues to yield good information. This Winter has come unexpectedly early and is unusually cold, yet our stockpiled Ryegrass pastures are holding up well. 350 more words


Low effort tender grass-fed baby beef

We had our calf slaughtered two weeks ago, he dry-aged for 8 days at a local slaughterhouse, and we took him home in four quarters. We are now most of the way through butchering him. 467 more words


Milk tastes "weird"

Some people accustomed to drinking store bought milk that try our milk think it tastes “weird.” It was described sometimes as a “chemical” taste. I knew it wasn’t because of spoilage. 447 more words


Stockpiling forage

One of the happy things about stockpiling is that it works very well with innate human laziness. Stockpiling is basically letting a pasture or hayfield grow up to maturity or near maturity in the fall before growth greatly slows after winter frosts and leaving it there to be eaten by animals later. 818 more words


Vacuum Sealer

Wow, what a great little gadget. I am normally very suspicious of kitchen gadgets, even ones with broad acceptance in our society, but there are some that are very worthwhile. 399 more words