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Family Cow breeds

The reason why we keep a Jersey is pretty simple. Jerseys are the breed most adapted to small-scale dairying or being a “family cow” because that is how they were kept on the little… 1,013 more words


Milking a "family cow"

Since neither of the two books on keeping a family cow have much information about ACTUALLY miking a cow, I will show and tell you how we do it. 2,365 more words

Home Economics

Dairy Cow Breeds

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about Torstein’s cows.

Most cows are Norwegian Red (http://www.norwegianred.com/). The others are cross breeds.

The cows are organized by numbers. 582 more words

Clothes dryer

I really find it funny how the marketing folks at appliance companies think. I am seeing now “eco” branding appearing on clothes dryers, both gas and electric. 469 more words

Home Economics

Starvation is Cruelety

I see this with alarming frequency, particularly with smaller dairy cattle (Jerseys, Gurnesys and Dexters). People who THINK they know how to take care of a diary cow, but really are just abusing (usually starving) them. 516 more words


The Miracle of Mowing

Mowing is something that should be generally avoided, but can be just the right prescription if weeds or over grown pasture plants are what ails you. 694 more words