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“Sometimes life is predictable, and sometimes it’s full of surprises. If I have to choose, I will always choose surprises.” – Sesheta

I started with something that I say often. 233 more words

Dairy Cattle

Did you Know?

Did you know?

More than 25,800 farm in Arkansas produce beef cattle. The average herd size is 35 head with 81 percent of the farms having fewer than 50 head. 27 more words

Beef Cattle

I Asked Her To Let Him Live

Two days before Easter, I found myself crouched down in a make shift pen beside a very pregnant and very sick Jersey cow.

“Your too late,” my brother had told me. 513 more words

Did you know?

Unlike all other mammals that cease drinking milk at weaning, humans are the only species that consumes milk for a lifetime. Milk in the human diet dates back as early as 7,000 BC. 149 more words

Dairy Cattle

Cow vs Price of Milk

When milk prices drop shouldn’t the price of what’s producing it?

Simple economics tells us that when we have a surplus, prices can drop, and when we have a demand greater than the supply the product becomes more valuable and increases. 423 more words

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