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Lunch: Turmeric chicken breast with mashed swede, carrot and caramelised onions

This meal I have created is supper simple, but packed with healthy nutritious food that will hopefully leave you feeling great. I used turmeric in it, which for some people can be a problem, so just leave it out, or replace it with another herb or spice you can tolerate. 238 more words

Dairy Free

Almond Butter and Coconut Oil Fudge: healthy treats on a budget!

I love a having a healthy treat in the house, to curb naughty cravings. This decedent, chocolatey, coconut oil fudge really hits the spot – while still being nutritious, low in carbs, sugar and dairy free! 83 more words

Chicken Schnitzel

Being from Germany, I grew up eating schnitzel. Although not an authentic recipe, I prefer it this way and made with chicken. This recipe goes well with a green salad.

215 more words
Dairy Free

Fibromyalgia and Diet - 1 week off the sugar

1 week in, and a lot less sugar eaten!

Now, I feel like I need to explain something. When I say sugar free, what I really mean is refined sugar free, and as explained in my… 525 more words


2 Weather Inspired Smoothie Bowls

Happy Solar Eclipse!

Today I have two smoothie bowls for you. The first one is a blueberry avocado bowl I made last month and the second is an eclipse inspired bowl from this morning! 336 more words

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Autonomous Johannes

I’ve played a slight prank, a juicy jape, a clever ruse, a…hey! I’m dick, you have to be kind to me. Well, rather to quote, probably misquote Kurt Vonnegut, I have been sick and ow I am well and there is work to be done. 127 more words

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EAT REAL Lots of lovely crisps!

It didn’t take long for me to spot a promoted post for the newer-styled Eat Real crisps amidst a sea of photographs, posts and lovely musings by friends on my Facebook timeline. 2,343 more words