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Sunday Homestead Update

This week the focus was winter prep.  The really cold weather will be hitting us in the next month or so, and we would like to be as prepared as possible. 773 more words


Sunday Homestead Update

First Snow

We had a mild cold snap this week, getting down to 25 and bringing a dusting of snow with it.  It has been fun to sit by a cozy fire, knitting and sipping hot tea.   880 more words


Welcome to the Flerd!

What happens when you add an animal that lives in a herd to your flock of sheep?  What do you have?  Is it still a flock?   699 more words

Dairy Goat

Raising Ripley

As our disastrous kidding season came to an abrupt and premature end, another battle was just beginning.

I arrived home from Melbourne five hours after Maude’s horrendous kidding. 1,189 more words

Projectile Vomiting Blackberry

When it rains it pours; not only are we dealing with Duchess the Broken Goat and Phe’s phosphorus deficiency problem, but Blackberry started projectile vomiting a few nights ago. 224 more words

Dairy Goat Diaries

Phosphorus Deficiency Causing Weak Hind Legs (in Adults)

My mother and I had a terrible fright about a week ago; she called me up to tell me that Phe’s hind legs were so weak she was struggling to stand (Phe, Duchess, and Sassy are Off On An Adventure — AKA clearing brush at my parent’s house). 530 more words

Dairy Goat Diaries

Nothing Like Christmas

After the last post we had two does with live, healthy kids on the ground and one who had lost her twins. Gaia was being treated for an infection in her joint, and the next doe due to kid was Meredith. 1,771 more words