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On Kidding, Process and Preparation

Baby goats get 60% of their growth in the last month, so does won’t really show until last month. It’s most common for goats to have two kids (as long as they’ve been well cared for). 2,169 more words

Dairy Goat Diaries

Sunday Homestead Update


We had wonderfully warm weather this week, which was very much appreciated after the snow last week.  Everything is starting to green up and grow like crazy. 672 more words

Farm Life

Pi Creamery

Welcome to Pi Creamery

Pi Creamery is a family business with health and wellness at the center of our farm-based model. We believe in a small herd with holistic practices, including hand-milking, a varied diet, and preventative treatments as opposed to antibiotics and vaccines. 86 more words

Lazy T Ranch

Bottle Babies


Ok so first of all I would like to say that we are complete homesteading noobs. (noob: a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity. 1,090 more words


End of Lambing/Kidding Season 2017

Fiona was our last ewe due this year.  Her ultrasound put her due date eleven days ago, and we have been anxiously waiting and wondering what was taking so long.   454 more words


Sunday Homestead Update

Life is beginning to slow down a bit around the homestead, which is so nice and much-needed.  We have sold off some of the extra stock, which decreases the work load, and the Mill is up and running now so the crazy-busy of getting the new business going is subsiding a bit. 522 more words


Easy Way to Heat a Chilled Lamb or Goat Kid

Living up in the high altitude Rockies leaves us with kids and lambs being born during cold weather most of the time.  We usually breed for April babies, but even in April we still get below freezing most nights.   340 more words