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Buckling love...

Meriadoc (aka ‘Merry’) kidded one single large buckling yesterday afternoon. Please meet ‘Ragnar’. He’s a mighty Viking lover-boy!!!

…and our 2016 kidding is complete!! Two does freshened! YAY! Let the cheesemaking begin!



Katie’s horses meet Katie’s goat kids!



I don’t understand why I simply can’t get any ‘work’ done!!!?


On "Deep Litter" and mucking out

Last fall I read about a method of animal bedding called “Deep Litter”. The basic principle is simple: you don’t muck out the barn for months. 644 more words


Our Animals: an overview

Having grown up in the city without even a pet, 2015 was quite an adventure and adjustment for me. We bought our dog, Molly, in 2014, soon after moving to the country but 2015 was when we started with farm animals. 931 more words


The New Guys

Bucks.  Love them or hate them, you will definitely smell them. And if you want to raise goats, you will eventually need them.

I have been playing around with the idea of getting my own bucks for a while now.   544 more words

More baby goat video...

When I returned home from work today, I spent a half hour with the newborn kids and took video. The one little black goat decided he liked filmography and came in for a close-up. 15 more words