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Happy Dance!

Every family member and all the animals on the farm are doing the happy dance today!  We got the lab work back on the flock and NONE….NOT EVEN ONE…of the other sheep and goats is sick.   355 more words


Sunday Homestead Update

There is good news and very bad news this week.  I will start with the good…


Garden season has officially begun!  We started our first seeds indoors on the grow-light shelving unit Mtn Man built two years ago.   537 more words


New Dairy Goat

Last week we welcomed home our new Great Pyrenees, Mud.  He is doing really well settling into his new lifestyle and getting used to people surprisingly quickly for a mostly feral unsocialized 11 month old dog.   574 more words

Self Sufficiency

Sunday Homestead Update

This week Mtn Man made a good analogy of what our life feels like lately – he said it feels like every day we start competing in a new episode of American Ninja Warrior.   1,121 more words


Homestead Adrenaline Rush

Some people bungey jump, others dive with sharks…here at the homestead we find our adrenaline rushes in other ways.

First you need a few pics to understand the story.   725 more words


Goat Paneer

Goats are wonderful hardy friendly animals to have around,  and the amount of milk that they give is very considerable relative to the input required, but many people do not like the taste of most goat cheeses. 500 more words


Homestead Update

Whew!…it’s been a little while since I have posted.  Life is going full blast in all good directions, but it leaves little time for the computer, which honestly, since I was born a century too late, doesn’t bother me much. 786 more words