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Nothing Like Christmas

After the last post we had two does with live, healthy kids on the ground and one who had lost her twins. Gaia was being treated for an infection in her joint, and the next doe due to kid was Meredith. 1,771 more words

A Tale of Two Kiddings

Every year kidding brings something new. You think you have seen everything, you think you have a contingency for all possibilities, but every year a new challenge presents itself. 1,625 more words

Georgia, the Dairy Goat

Georgia. Sweet, goofy, loving Georgia. We haven’t had Georgia for very long but have enjoyed this awesome dairy goat. We got her so that we could give her milk to our pigs, but we’ve also used the fresh milk for ourselves. 140 more words

Ricotta, the Easiest Cheese

One day when I have loads of leisure and energy, I plan  to get really serious about cheesemaking.   However, if you have a dairy animal or any other source of good milk, there are times when you have milk on hand but no spare time to do anything fancy with it. 695 more words


Buckling love...

Meriadoc (aka ‘Merry’) kidded one single large buckling yesterday afternoon. Please meet ‘Ragnar’. He’s a mighty Viking lover-boy!!!

…and our 2016 kidding is complete!! Two does freshened! YAY! Let the cheesemaking begin!



Katie’s horses meet Katie’s goat kids!



I don’t understand why I simply can’t get any ‘work’ done!!!?