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Everyone has a preferred breed of dairy goat. And that breed is always; in their opinion anyways, the best. It’s as simple as attempting to urge your friends to try a new brand of coffee that you love. 409 more words

Dairy Goats

December Farm Update

I haven’t been very active in here lately, with my activism stuff taking on a life of its own and my other blog getting 600 hits in two days. 1,409 more words

Quirky Milkers

Milking goats is an entertaining commitment, filled with spilled milk, and an occasional clash of personalities. As with anything else, there are always certain ‘types’ that present themselves. 396 more words

Dairy Goats

Goaty Ramblings

Its an interesting adventure that goats carry you along. From starting out with knowing realitvely nothing, to many years later and still not being able to know enough. 553 more words

Dairy Goats

I saw the dairy goats yesterday at the Show and met this beautiful Anglo-Nubian:

She came over to the fence, sniffed and licked my hands and let me scratch her head and feel her long ears.  66 more words

August is National Goat Cheese Month!

Find the recipe for Lisa Porter’s Grilled Beet & Goat Cheese Pizza here!!





Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Oh man that really gets my goat!”… After my recent experience I think that should be a compliment.   464 more words