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Calcium Cockup

If you’ve made it this far through my blog, you’ll have noticed how clumsy I am. Well… Immediately after shutting down my laptop, after typing up my blog of accidents over my holiday, something hilarious yet upsetting happened. 271 more words


Dear LIFE, :)


What do I tell you when you and I are inseparable,

What do I say that you know not,

Do¬†pardon my ignorance dear life… 38 more words

People i admire and look up to | by Pascal

Hello world

I found my self starring at the keypad with no words to type and no idea what I should write about.
My mind is juggling with so much stuff right now and every second I think about what I should write, the more I struggled. 671 more words


Attention vegeterians / vegans! Meat eaters may also be interested

Did you no that cheeses such as Parmesan or Parmigianino РReggiano has meat in it? ! It is required to have most cheeses including imported cheese to contain rennet which are enzymes made out of animals stomachs. 43 more words

Animal Cruelty