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So how is the digester doing?

I really need to start a list of the 20 most common questions we get about our farms. For the energy enthusiasts this is by far the top question. 487 more words


Does Big Equal Bad?

What is the perfect size for a farm?

I wonder what you think, especially if you aren’t a farmer. Are specific characteristics important, or is it just a matter of stats like number of acres or animals? 437 more words


Breeding is good

Breeding is very important on a dairy farm.

Maybe, I should reword that to read, “Breeding cows is very important on a dairy farm.”

Yes, I think that sounds better. 906 more words

Ditch it Already! 5 Signs Your Body Doesn’t Dig Dairy

Ditching dairy is one of our most popular topics here at One Green Planet, and with good reason. The entire dairy industry is ludicrous! It wastes more of our money than we can imagine, gives us a false sense of getting enough calcium, contributes to environmental and humanity havoc, and leads to health issues like diabetes, cancer, food addictions, and weight gain. 121 more words


Oatmeal Please

I’ve been in Sierra Leone three weeks now and I’m really starting miss good food. Sierra Leone is a much easier post than my previous aid work in terms of amenities and availability of food. 102 more words


new york organic dairy discussion series

A series of free discussion meetings for dairy farmers — lunch included! — will take place from 11 AM to 2 PM between March 19 and April 1 at the New York farm sites listed below. 172 more words