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Act 64 + The Agricultural Working Group - Written Piece (Steven Judge)

As you may already know, Act 64 and its Associated RAPs were written with the help of many groups and consultants, but relatively few farmers. As a business owner myself, the time I can devote to researching this law is limited – however, I have managed to uncover a few unsettling facts about how Act 64 was written and who the authors were. 707 more words

ACT 64

A Life with Acne

Having acne is an extremely difficult condition. Even more difficult if you’ve had to battle it your whole life.  It effects you not just physically but emotionally as well. 1,404 more words


Dairy-Free Options

So you’ve just found out you’re lactose-intolerant or sensitive to dairy, or maybe you have decided to cut it out of your diet for health reasons…whatever the reason, here are some great alternatives to fill that void while making your tummy very happy! 498 more words


10 Ways to Help Animals Without Giving Up Meat

Are you an animal lover but not quite ready to stop eating them? Want to make a difference in their lives but not change your diet? 1,203 more words

Spirituality And Religion

White-Washed (Part 2): Milk & the Big C.

So we’ve looked at HOW milk depletes calcium and contributes to osteoporosis, but what about milk as a “risky”, “chemical carcinogen”…??

In the last post I mentioned that many milk related research articles had focused on less than pleasant conditions. 2,063 more words


Cheese, you bastard!

Factory farming is a practice that is beyond cruel for the animals who are bred, raised and slaughtered in abusive slavery under horrific conditions.  It also creates appalling conditions for the workers at the facilities, and it is devastating for the environment.  637 more words