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TB test week....

On Monday, children packed off on the school buses at 7.55 and 8.05 respectively, I head up to the main farm we own to feed the calves with my mother-in-law.   209 more words


Crème Fraîche 1

This is a great recipe by Chef John. I made it twice. Once by sterilizing the equipment, and a second time without sterilizing the equipment. 21 more words

French Cuisine

Bad dairy news for a better future

It’s not easy to deliver people the bad news, especially if they know it’s there and don’t want to hear it. People do this thing called… 1,028 more words



Nhà Kastumi có block lịch treo tường kèm với quotes. Lúc trước có khi cả tháng trời Kastumi chẳng bóc một tờ lịch này; năm nay siêng hơn rồi. 424 more words


You Deserve to Know Canadian Farmers

Last week, we celebrated Ag Day in Canada. For the first time, the agriculture industry came together to formally celebrate the abundance of safe and affordable food we are producing in Canada and the people (farmers) producing it. 929 more words



今天真的无意看到一张关于 T 的照片…

看到时,心里突然自卑觉得也许上天安排也是对的… 心突然酸了,也不断告诉自己:不关我事~不关我事~

原来我心还是会介意但是我也不能介意… 我不是谁,也是我自己一厢情愿… 既然是我自己一厢情愿,我想我可以放下…


The Caty that got the Cream

Well maybe not cream but fresh milk certainly! On Thursday 16th Feb, I made my way to Moore Wilsons and there in the milk cabinet was: 583 more words