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everyday makeup bag

I am very proud of the current contents of my makeup bag. It used to have all the items needed to complete a fully made up face so that when I did not have time in the morning to complete my makeup, I could do it in the office when I arrived. 285 more words

Tony Moly

日本へようこそ!- Welcome to Japan!

I think that almost everyone I know has been told that I am finally here in Japan after arriving early evening yesterday after around 20 hours of travel time. 759 more words


Shine Color Eyes

Daiso is HUGE when it comes to make-up products but my Daiso doesn’t have that many items (YET).

I did decide to purchase this because I saw a lot of Japanese on the packaging. 103 more words


Tofu Storage Pack

This is actually pretty nice.

Yes –  regular tupperware can do the same thing but the little white lifting handles are great! (the cutting is nice too!) 59 more words


My Three Licca-Chan (1 of 3)

I started poking around in boxes today, and lo and behold! I found my missing 2nd generation Licca-Chan, so I can FINALLY make this post, 2 month late. 243 more words

Lemon Spray

I’ve seen this on youtube videos so I was ecstatic when I found it at Daiso!

I really couldn’t think of what to use this on, other than the chicken kara-age I see in the picture  – so I finally decided to use it tonight! 159 more words


Goku-Uma Ramen-Noodles (Miso and Soy sauce Flavor)

I am a little picky when it comes to ramen so I will NOT be buying these again.

I have to say, it was a little underwhelming. 88 more words