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The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 9

Just to let you know as a follow-up to last week’s column, no matter which Daiso branch I went to, they have decided to discontinue the shape of that lightbulb. 733 more words


DIY Summer Hat with sequins and pom-poms

Summer is here and that means it’s time to get that pretty sun hat out into our lives – right?

My Instagram and Pinterest have been buzzing with these super glam slogan sun hats that I could not help drooling over. 46 more words


The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 8

This week I’ve had particularly bad PMS (sorry for the overshare or TMI there, but it’s true). That means a few things: A. I’ve deleted people on LINE (chat app we use here in Japan) because they’ve pissed me off, B. 936 more words


A Bargain, Part Two

The square blocks from Daiso are not as easy to carve compared to my usual balsa wood. They are not soft, being harder and more dense therefore, harder to carve. 134 more words


Shelves, Taobao, and Rain

So after 7 months in China, I have finally boarded the Taobao bandwagon and I’ve gone a little crazy with it. At first it started as a necessity because I have to get my contact lenses from somewhere. 661 more words


A Bargain

Thrift stores are the best. At a fixed flat price, you can find just about anything from these places. We have Daiso, the Japanese brand here and I must say, it’s one of our favorite haunts. 152 more words



Now, how about this palette? Is this cute, or what?

An eyeshadow palette from a Japanese brand called Brigitte. The colors didn’t really call my name, but the pans they come in! 83 more words