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Everyday Makeup

For this post, i’ll be sharing the makeup I use for a typical day – when i head to work, or even on the weekend when I’m off to a pole class or simply catching up with friends for a cuppa. 496 more words


Ms Veedol Plaza

Living in Japan will quickly make you realize that where you live in the world  may not be so bad when it comes to shopping prices, and eating out, well if you’re looking for a shopping area thats a little easier on the pockets, Ms Veedol Plaza may be the place for you, Inside houses one of the many Daiso'(100 yen store) a few small restaurants, mini spa, Cosmetics Counters, shopping for groceries and clothing that are a tad bit cheaper than you would find in the malls here in Japan. 91 more words

Daiso Damage

I’d like to transition from my previous, rather emotional and heart-baring post to a more lighthearted one today. This is a ‘haul’, as known in the beauty community, but mine is way less glamorous because it’s from Daiso :P… 1,301 more words



I like to apply some lotion on my dry areas like the elbows and the knees especially before I go out; if not, they look dry. 73 more words

Ginbis mini asparagus biscuits

While shopping at Daiso, I bought Ginbis mini asparagus biscuits. Ginbis mini asparagus biscuits is number 82 in Daiso’s Sweets goods range.

If you are not yet familiar with Daiso you can read more about Daiso and its ★ everyday life solutions ★ (^._.^)~ <(o.o )> … 301 more words


Bike brake pads - Daiso

Looks like the brake pads worn out real quick on my usage. Aaand…

Daiso sells bicycle brake pads! They stock the most common size/type for them pads; and for this pair I have got here, are themselves really chunky in size — looks to be of generously great value, as an initial impression. 111 more words


Searching for Japan near Seattle

Not too long ago, Mom & I took a road trip down to Tacoma, Washington to check out a Japanese event as we’re always looking for a Japanese community near us in any place we live. 749 more words