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Pore Care Pack from DAISO - Review!

Hello Pals!

Have you heard of the amazing Japanese dollar store, Daiso?  Daiso is THE best place for affordable, but quality products.  They sell everything from dish-ware, to crafting tools, to gardening tools, to cosmetics.   178 more words


Peace, love, and Green Tea Oreos [review]

From the desk of Shaun

Green Tea Oreos exist ONLY in Japan? Are they worth the hype? You be the judge!


Easy Sealer

So I saw a blog on top ten items to buy at Daiso and this was listed as one of them.

My Daiso FINALLY had this in stock and I was so excited to see it! 111 more words


Aloe Skin Cream

I like aloe in general so I thought I would try this.

So the first thing I want to point out is the color.

The color is like the lime sherbet ice cream. 136 more words


Ice Bag

Lately I have been putting ice on my face during the day to cool my skin.

I know it’s kind of weird but it feels nice and it makes me feel perky and ready to get things done. 50 more words


Laundry Mitten

I had a canvas bag that was starting to look a little “used” so I decided to use some elbow grease and try out this scrubber. 100 more words


Washing Ball

So I was curious about this so I went ahead and bought it.

I guess it helps keep your clothes from wrinkling?

So after using these a couple times, my conclusion is that I don’t really know what this does. 185 more words