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The End Of Days

The End of Days

Welcome to the end of days

We’re flying Dajjal Donkey Airways

Run by transsexuals or gays

As tragic as the morbid Shakespeare plays… 2,228 more words


My journey into apostasy

“Apostasy”. I hate that word, I hate being described as an apostate but I suppose that’s what I am.

I was “born” a muslim. In fact according to Islam every child is a muslim upon birth. 1,016 more words

An invaluable lesson in Geo-politics

The world is sitting on a keg of gunpowder and people are lining up to light a match. In this day and age of ‘breaking news’, 9/11 seems to have occurred ages ago. 429 more words

The System Of Allah

The Panama Papers leaks – Who’s behind ICIJ?

It will, rather, be a detailed commentary regarding our take on the recently leaked panama papers and their link to the Capitalist cum neoliberal Kleptocracy. Instead of going into the names of those ‘exposed’ as holders of off-shore businesses and shell corporations, we will be dealing with the much larger picture of giving an insight into the ‘real men behind the curtain’. 2,383 more words

The System Of Allah