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Kebebasan akademik di Israel dan Palestin

Kebebasan akademik di Israel dan Palestin

Steven Rose (Artikel asal)

Ramai pembaca jurnal ini, seperti saya, mempunyai rakan-rakan dari Israel di mana penyelidikan mereka kita hormati, ada hubungan kerjasama, dan ada jalinan persahabatan. 804 more words

The Dajjal's Flubber

The so-called children’s film “Flubber” starring Robin Williams, is perhaps really just about what scientist are now calling “Black Goo” – if this stuff isn’t real, then why are prominent UFO researchers allegedly… 133 more words


Steve De’ak blinds the Dajjal!

Steve De’ak blinds the Dajjal!

Steve De’ak is an unlikely Muslim hero. Although he doesn’t yet profess the Muslim faith, he has somehow managed to do what no leading Muslim sheikh has ever yet dared to do – for the benefit of the entire Muslim ummah (community).  167 more words


Tahukah Keutamaan 12 Surat Al-Qur’an ini? (1)

Al-Qur’an adalah cahaya yang akan menerangi perjalanan hidup seorang hamba dan menuntunnya menuju keselamatan adalah cahaya al-Qur’an dan cahaya iman. Keduanya dipadukan oleh Allah ta’ala… 2,239 more words


The Problem With Blind Faith

A few weeks ago, I did a poll on Twitter asking my followers if Dajjal was mentioned in the Qur’an. 1,341 more words


Prophet Nuh [Noah] (Ahadith 2953 - 2957)


Chapter: The Statement of Allah Aza Wajal: “And indeed We sent Nuh to his people…”

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 553 :
Narrated by Ibn Umar ( 857 more words


S'gor exco must explain Christian presence in mosques

Only religious programmes are allowed in Selangor mosques. Even PAS cannot stage its political programmes at the mosque and surau, state exco Iskandar Abdul Samad told Malay Mail Online. 58 more words