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Daken Kills Laura Kinney's Mother

Actually, Daken kills Laura Kinney’s cloned mom by the Orphans of X.

Incredible! Daken could have shouted she’s not real way before All New Wolverine beat him up so bad. 20 more words


All-New Wolverine #28 (2017) - Backstories

Absolutely in love with the relationship of Daken and Gabby!! She has tamed him in just a couple of panels! Best kind of brother and sister ever!!

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All-New Wolverine #28 (2017) - Bad Boy Charm

I had no idea that Daken is a charmer!! Although, if he wants to keep all his limbs, he shouldn’t try to seduce Laura’s cousin…

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The Essential Reading List: Daken

When reading about a comic character you’re interested in, it can be hard to keep up with all the stories they’ve appeared in. That’s where The Essential Reading List comes in. 951 more words


All New Wolverine Joins The Orphans Of X

Laura Kinney’s come a long way, and I like how she resolved this matter. I have a feeling had it been Wolverine himself, we would have just gone snikt on the lot of them. 13 more words