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Where Have I Been

Yeah, where have I been?

Home. WalMart. Home. Frys. Home . Walgreens. Home. JoAnns. Home.

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. Not necessarily in that order but usually home. 411 more words



Told people I was getting a Boob Job. A one sided boob job. LOL Ok, technically it was a lumpectomy. There was a lump and they dug it out. 434 more words



I am on week five of teleworking, telecommuting, whatever your want to call it. Oh yeah, work from home. I do go into the office when requested. 291 more words


Covid19 Explained - MDsplained

This is one of the best explanations I’ve heard. Bet even whatshisface hasn’t seen it and he should be the main one to take heed of this. 110 more words



Never thought I was a germaphobe kind of a person but yeah, we all are now. One cough and heads will turn and you look at you like “get outta here.” How’s your social distancing going? 336 more words


What's Worst....

I had a dentist appointment and a woman’s health once over aka a pap smear this past week and it made me wonder….

What’s worst….digging in people’s mouths all day or looking up women’s vajayjay all day? 208 more words


February, Really?

Wow time flys when you’re having fun or working or whatever…

2020 and 1 month has passed by. I’m still on Happy New Year. Its New Year minus one month now….. 624 more words