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november colors dakota

honk gray geese vee tattoo

across low-flying sky’s ceiling.

ice-edged blue pond fingers

reedy border of dry wild rice.

undulating green winter wheat field

interrupted by bare windbreak. 67 more words

N.D. Looking To Clean Up Waste Land In Oilfields

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A half-century after it held saltwater and other oil-drilling waste, an abandoned pit near the Little Missouri River in western North Dakota was dug out and filled with fresh soil this week with hopes that the site will someday be capable of producing vegetation again. 574 more words

Can ASH predict?

In any type of astrological or forecasting process the desired result is being able to foresee events and hopefully have a beneficial impact on them. ASH is no different. 760 more words

World Events

The contented teacup: Dakota children understand...

Following on from yesterday’s post…interconnectedness.

Scream it from the roof tops.

This post comes about as I assess the state of our world. And I find it wanting. 90 more words

The Contented Tea Cup

The Prevarication of the Palin Pregnancies

What are the chances that Bristol would give birth to two babies on the same date?  What are the chances that Bristol would get pregnant the first time she had sex with Dakota Meyer?  565 more words

Dean Koontz’s The Bad Place

Overview: Frank Pollard has a major problem. He has no memory of his past. And when he goes to sleep, he wakes up with riches, or worse. 233 more words

Book Apprasials

Day 18 - Walnut Grove

After returning to the gift shop, we get back on track, and drive to Walnut Grove.

Compared to the prior two shrines to Laura Ingalls, this is like comparing a flute to a brass band. 104 more words

Westward Trip