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| South Dakota Phone Lookup

South Dakota has been officially added to the United States in 1803. It was a part of the Louisiana Purchase. In addition, the first permanent settlement in America was founded in 1804 at Fort Pierre by the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Ephraim was hooked

Ephraim was hooked. Education, fine minds, the good of all — this work had to be done. He offered to join the campaign to start the University of Dakota, for his Baptist circuits provided an ideal opportunity to build support. 177 more words

Historical Novel

Atlus & Accountability: We Need to Stop Giving Queerphobic Games a Pass

I can’t decide if I’m going to play Persona 5 or not. It’s 2 AM, my eyes are fixed on the searing blue of my computer screen, and I’m railing on Atlus with the two people closest to me, a week’s worth of frustration and feeling condescended to by randos, peers, and friends alike pouring out. 1,502 more words


April 19, 2017 - A to Z Challenge - P

In “The Deeper Meaning of LIff” the letter P list of words have many good choices.  I was giggling as I read through them.  Finally picked one.  500 more words

Dakota Dress | Style It

If you don’t know…I love me some Samantha Maria. I am also so proud of her for starting her own fashion line, Novem & Knight. 143 more words


The lone rangers of Dakota Crescent

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Not all the lights have gone out at Dakota Crescent, which has been slated for redevelopment – a handful of households still call it home four months after the official deadline to move out. 836 more words

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Dakota the Pool Dog

Over the weekend, I got to hang out with my friend Chloe and her dog Dakota! Dakota is a mix between a dachshund and another unknown dog. 354 more words