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“Hard times build determination and inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger.”


Dalai Lama XIV

It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.

“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our strengths.”



“every day, think as you wake up, today i am fortunate to be alive, i have a precious human life, i am not going to waste it. 62 more words

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What rules will you break this year?

Every New Year people make commitments to new goals; fitness, family, faith. But how about a commitment to disobey – to break the rules?

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively” 697 more words

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The Art of Happiness - Dalai Lama XIV, Howard C. Cutler

Nearly every time you see him, he’s laughing, or at least smiling. And he makes everyone else around him feel like smiling. He’s the Dalai Lama, the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet, a Nobel Prize winner, and an increasingly popular speaker and statesman. 164 more words