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Hard Times

So now that our final project is under way….are these posts still required?

Either way… I guess they’re good for venting. I feel like everyone is so concerned about the next steps that they won’t listen to what’s going on inside our minds, with our emotions. 670 more words

Various Religions on Kindness

Kindness and a regard for others are at the very foundation of the spiritual practice and life of every major world religion. While some verses of the Quran can be taken out of context to give the… 1,520 more words

Shiv Sena boss Uddhav Thackeray requests 'Bharat Ratna' for Veer Savarkar

Mumbai: Shiv Sena boss Uddhav Thackeray needs Bharat Ratna grant for opportunity warrior Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

“We as a whole are as one in requesting (Bharat Ratna for Savarkar) and a few pioneers of resistance (in Maharashtra) additionally need the most elevated respect for Savarkar. 141 more words

Awaken the Mosquito

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines “awaken” as “to be aware of something.” In this case, awaken to the awareness of sharing ideas and thoughts with complete strangers on a platform with infinite possibilities. 371 more words

Compassion & Suffering

I believe there is a significant difference between your own suffering you might experience in a compassionate state in which you take upon yourself and share other peoples’ suffering; when you think about your own suffering, there is a feeling of being totally burdened.. 209 more words


Meditate with the Dalai Lama

Meditating is hard for me.  My monkey-mind jumps over and around what I’ve decided to focus on, climbs into places and spaces that have no bearing on anything  and swings from thought-branches I didn’t even know were there.  444 more words

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