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The Collapsiest Players Ever to Collapse

Players collapse all the time, we just don’t see it usually. Their skills don’t simply erode, they go to hell in a hand basket quicker than you can say… 1,378 more words


Top 20: The Final Four

Famed Science Fiction writer Frank Herbert once wrote the line “There is no real ending, It’s just the place where you stop the story.” While this may very well apply to fiction, undertakings like my top 20 list of Atlanta sports stars eventually do come to an end, and we have almost reached it. 1,737 more words


Wait, I Didn't Know He was a Catcher: Dale Murphy

The more that I collect catchers, the more that I dig into the history of the position.  I have discovered a lot about those who have worn the “Tools of Ignorance.”  One of the aspects of my research that I have enjoyed the most, is learning about players that were known for playing a certain position (like OF) but started out as a catcher.  262 more words

I Didn't Know He Was A Catcher

Student Success Statement

“I wont cheat.”

This quote is straightforward and the message is simple, I wont cheat. I will not cheat ever, whether it is on a test/exam, a sports game, home/schoolwork, etc. 18 more words

Student Success Statment

“I won’t cheat”
Dale Murphy

Reflection: This statement is a commitment to help one stay true to themselves as well as others. By promising you won’t cheat, you will guarantee yourself a life with no worries. 13 more words

Student Success Statement

“Character matters most.”

What this quote is telling us, is that the main thing which matters the  most is character. Character defines a person, not their wealth or accomplishments. 25 more words

Dale Murphy calls a home run for a six year old girl (1983)

One of Dale Murphy‘s more memorable incidents was reminiscent of a scene from the classic black-and-white baseball film about Babe Ruth,  “The Pride of the Yankees”. 99 more words

Atlanta Braves (1966 - Present)