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Excerpt from “Famous for 15 Minutes” by Ultra Violet ~~Dali~~

He says to me, “Let me draw you. Would you pose for me?” My clothes fall off. I recline in the warm mold of Venus. Dali approaches to rearrange me untamed hair. 173 more words


Mating Call

In a traceless sky,
Dali’s lovebird moustaches–
Dada’s nature call.
John Biscello

a poem about carmen

you move like the ocean

and look like the sky at dawn

even in the morning light

i could still see stars shining

in the iris of your eyes… 55 more words


Dali International Photography Exhibition

Dali International Photography Exhibition  Fifth Edition

For the first time ever, THEBOOKSHOW goes to Dali, along with a curated selection of Singapore photobooks. At THEBOOKSHOW, we act as a platform for artists and photographers to showcase self-published artist books. 100 more words