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A very long title...

#MirrorWeek is still on! This work by Salvador Dali has one of the longest title in the history of art…

“Dali from the Back Painting Gala from the Back Eternalized by Six Virtual Corneas Provisionally Reflected in Six Real Mirrors”. 38 more words

Scions of Magic: An Interlude

Normally, I’d be posting the next installment for Poisoned Wells. This week, since I’m prepping for nycc, I’ve been swamped with grading and planning my week–this had caused me to not edit the latest installment. 200 more words

Scions Of Magic

Introducing Bosch and Dali

I rehomed Bosch (pictured top) and Dali (pictured bottom) from Wood Green Animal Shelter, Heydon when they were 9 weeks old. When I originally saw them they were named Hugo and Alice – after the characters in Vicar of Dibley as they were found abandoned in a church graveyard when they were 3 weeks old. 74 more words


St.Petersburg .... I need coffee

Hello Lovelies,

I would write more but man am I tired! I just finished writing something important and when I clicked save…it deleted. So all I have to say now is enjoy the pictures. 12 more words


Persistence of memory

The sun shone fiercly on the tobacco plantations. Summer sun in December? Surely this had to be some sort of anomaly-anyone living on the west coast could tell you that. 492 more words



Unlocking creativity can be as simple as falling asleep.

Inventors and artists alike have been inspired by dreams.  Edison would nap with ball bearings in his hand so that as he drifted to sleep the balls would drop and wake him up just as he reached the first stage of the sleep cycle to access the pure creative genius of his subconscious mind. 100 more words