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Poisoned Wells, Imaginiers Save Us From (Serialization 024)

*It pains me to say, that in the next installment, horrors will happen. Can’t we delay it? Does it have to happen? Ean has sent the demi-liches. 487 more words

Scions Of Magic


What is else is there to do a week before you start University than go to Barcelona? And that is exactly what my mum and I decided to do last September (2015). 158 more words


Happy Luck Year of the Monkey with Great Prosperity

We found ourselves in China for Chinese New Year somewhat by accident. We weren’t specifically trying to celebrate Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year as our Korean friends would prefer that we call it), but when we realized we would be there for the celebrations we got pretty excited. 763 more words



I am coerced into going to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg. It is a rainy Thursday evening, when admission is $10 instead of the usual $24. 528 more words

Lovers' Cannibalism

‘When I first saw this,’ I told him in front of a Dali painted as if with brown melting cheese, ‘I didn’t think about the significance of cannibalism in the story of our senses, our desires and our loves – I didn’t ponder on the benefits of sampling the flavour we’ve instilled in the other. 331 more words