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Six Months of Spork


It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been sporking for six months now (if you don’t know what sporking means, you haven’t been with us long enough yet). 327 more words


34 Splendid Photos Of Salvador Dali Being Salvador Dali

Like ballerinas, Salvador Dali was simultaneously an artist and a work of art. When not piecing together some of the most out-there, psychedelic portraits known to man, Dali did the same with his public persona. 223 more words

Writing aesthetics

Today I’ve booked into a Salvador Dali supper-and-lectures event with a lovely art critic friend of mine and I’m watching The Monuments Men (so far finding it more enjoyable than a lot of the reviews suggested I would), so it’s time to note down how art is informing the development of The Novel. 253 more words


Figueres, Home of the Salvador Dali Theatre and Museum

I’m not the most artsy person in the world, and I’ve never been too great at remembering different artists, methods, or artistic periods… it just really isn’t my thing. 973 more words


A couple of my favourites W.I.P

So the story with these two goes like this…

One day I was busting to do some art.. it was killing me.. eating me from the inside out and I had no paper or canvas left.. 199 more words


6. Service Journalism: Dali & da Vinci

For my next news story, I will be writing a localization piece about the Dali and da Vinci exhibition coming to the Dali Museum in St. 129 more words

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