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Hard beds, Trench loo's, Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise all in Yunnan Province, China

I had been wanting to travel around Yunnan province in China for some time, specifically to see the old cities within the rural lifestyles and on the bucket list was the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike. 1,929 more words

....to madrid, spain.

have you ever visited a country and immediately knew that’s where your heart belonged? // for me, that’s easily spain // from mountains to beaches; ancient to modern; small mountain village to big bustling city…this country seriously has it all // plus the sangria never hurts either…// 1,055 more words


Smartphone photography

Lately, I’ve taken to using my smartphone as my photographic device. At the moment, I’m in Yunnan and have been traveling around the province. The photo you see in the below post, in the previous blog entry, was shot using my phone, edited on my phone, and uploaded onto this blog with my phone. 488 more words


Dali Museum

Wow, I forgot I had this blog. Let’s pick up and pretend I have not abandoned it for the past year, ya?


Fun factoid: The Dali Museum is one of the first places I visited… 118 more words

On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1929: Salvador Dali’s first one-man show.

Poisoned Wells, Imaginiers Save Us From (Serialization 016)

*One of my favorite places in the Dali: Death’s ship. This isn’t the vessel she uses to shepherd souls. This is her home, her safe haven. 914 more words

Scions Of Magic

Poisoned Wells, Imaginiers Save Us From (Serialization 015)


*Peter and Cara are in the care of Lord Dream, but call him Damian. This Sharu is one of my personal favorites—one of the oldest in my imagination and I love him dearly though he can, at times, be a brat. 264 more words

Scions Of Magic