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Texas Law To Allow Open Carry Large Blades Including Bowie Knives

As of September, all Texans will be allowed to carry blades that are longer that the currently allowed 5.5 inches thanks to HB1935, a bill signed into law last month by Gov. 114 more words


650-Mile Uber Trip By Texas Driver May Set Record!! [Video - Texas To Nashville]

Things are BIGGER IN TEXAS – including what may be a new world record for BIGGEST Uber Bill.

An Uber Driver took a group from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to Nashville.  133 more words


Salata Brings Enjoy-Mint To June

Just because I can’t partake in the Enjoy-Mint, doesn’t mean you can’t! Salata (one of my favorite salad shops), is introducing mint into the toppings lineup for the month of June. 142 more words


True Food Kitchen Preview Night

You know what’s amazing? Well, a lot of things are, that was a poor question.

But anyways, eating delicious food without the guilt. Yup, that’s spectacular. 418 more words


(Video) Drunk Man Takes Tumble Off 2nd Story Ledge At Top Golf

Drinking and playing golf go together like cheese and rice. I am an avid golfer and I rarely ever drink while I play but most of the people I know see golf as the perfect sport to get hammered and try to play. 248 more words


Spray Me Down

Y’all know how pale I can get in the summer, and that breaks my little heart. I get SO dark after just a time or two in the sun, but when it gets cold and dreary, my body rebels. 311 more words


(Photo) Dallas Family Enraged After Their 7 Year Old Is Allegedly Cuffed And Tazed At School

According to this report, a 7 year old student in Arlington was behaving erratically during the week of standardized testing and it resulted in drastic measures taken by on campus security. 292 more words