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Road trip home

We’re almost home after spending two chilly weeks in Florida. But our annual jaunt was wonderful, despite the weather.

Yesterday I drive most of the day. 106 more words


Fasting Fridays - When What is Harmless Keeps Us from God

I hope, over the six weeks of Lent, to offer different angles and views on the spiritual practice of fasting.  The primary definition of fasting with which we are working is this: We give up a legitimate need in order to experience our real need for Jesus.   516 more words

Spiritual Formation

Dallas Willard on Faith

What is faith?
One of the major difficulties Protestant Christians face today is both psychological and doctrinal at the same time. The struggle is with the word ‘faith.’ The word has been the center of so many controversies that what somebody means when they use the word without elaboration can be very confusing. 647 more words

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Sermon 02-08-15: "Basic Training, Part 5: Forgive Us"

Forgiving others—and sometimes forgiving ourselves—is among the most difficult things we’re supposed to do as Christians. As I discuss in this sermon, we struggle with it, in part, because we refuse to accept that our relationship with God and with one another should be based on grace, not merit. 2,766 more words

The foolish, weak, lowly, and despised

In a passage describing the availability and nearness of the Kingdom brought to us in Jesus, Willard has a wonderful passage on the Church. Here is a brief excerpt worth a share: 93 more words


Living Words - Dallas Willard (1935 - 2013)

There is truly no distinction between sacred and secular except what we have created. And that is why the division of the legitimate roles and functions of human life into the sacred and secular does incalculable damage to our individual lives and to the cause of Christ.

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Reflections on "The Poor in Spirit"

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

The sermon on the Mount describes what human life and human community… 221 more words

Devotional Thoughts