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Our massive cultural failure

Today, equality is not actually regarded as a matter of human dignity and value. That is very hard to defend. Rather, it is regarded as a doorway to freedom.

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"Being Saved" or Being Transformed

We should perhaps start with recognition that, for almost everyone today in Western Christendom, being saved has nothing essentially to do with transformation. — Dallas Willard, 

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Spiritual Formation

The fruit of love in crafting

This is a new series based on the “fruit of the Spirit,” found in Galatians 5: 22, 23:

By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, … 559 more words

Spiritual Formation

Evidence of Belief


The word “obey” is found hundreds of times in the Bible. The early forefathers of Christianity are often called out as righteously obeying God in the Old Testament. 359 more words


Thoughts (Stolen and Otherwise)

Disclaimer: Political opinion lies ahead.

  • Despite my best efforts to the contrary, I have recently managed to be pulled into political discussion during this election season.
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The Foundational Value of Retreat

In Dallas Willard’s explanation of a “Curriculum for Christlikeness” (in The Divine Conspiracy), he says that “a small number of are absolutely central to spiritual growth,” and those disciplines “form a part of the foundation of our whole-life plan for growth as apprentices of Jesus.” Those foundational, central disciplines–according to Willard–are solitude and silence (disciplines of abstinence), and study and worship (disciplines of engagement). 261 more words


Growing in spiritual knowledge

The organ of spiritual knowledge is obedience. Just as you open your eyes to see colors, you know the presence of the kingdom of God by obeying. 88 more words

Spiritual Formation