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Assessing the "problem of pain" with Dallas Willard

I’ve talked and blogged a lot recently about theodicy and the problem of evil—I even enjoyed a lunch conversation yesterday with a clergy colleague on that very subject. 1,157 more words

The gentle apologetic

There is no way to contain my joy in getting to read more words from Dallas Willard. I am so thankful his daughter is putting together his notes and lectures. 124 more words

Dallas Willard

The Allure of Gentleness

I received Dallas Willard’s latest book today. It is so refreshing to know his work can continue. This one is on apologetics and approaching it with gentleness instead of a combative attitude. 48 more words

Dallas Willard

What's MOST Important?

When I home schooled my kids the most overwhelming part of teaching them was not the energy it took to add “full-time teacher of four” to my already overly-busy life. 702 more words

“If you really want to know Christ now, you have somehow to set aside the cloud of images and impressions that rule the popular as well as the academic mind, Christian and non-Christian alike.

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The Care and Feeding of a Political Junkie

We were just finishing lunch.  I picked up my copy of Bloomberg Businessweek from my seat.  My friend said, “Is that yours?”  I nodded.  She said, “I knew it! 1,096 more words

My Journey

Changing The Way We Thought About Church

Many people have questions when they learn we converted to Orthodoxy after we spent 17 years as protestants and at the same church.  In all honesty, it started when God began changing the way we thought about church and this is our story (Short Form). 542 more words

Orthodox Church