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Growing in spiritual knowledge

The organ of spiritual knowledge is obedience. Just as you open your eyes to see colors, you know the presence of the kingdom of God by obeying. 88 more words

Spiritual Formation

The learning curve

Having grown up Pentecostal (and still being one) the mentality of the “altar” was more cultural in my time growing up than in previous days, I think. 374 more words

Spiritual Formation

Hearing God in Summer

It is midsummer and we are thinking about vacations or a holiday from our usual routine.  

Do you take a vacation from God…or church…or worship…or prayer?   359 more words

If you were to die tonight

One key question in evangelism used to be this: “If you were to die tonight and come before God and he should ask, ‘Why should I let you into my heaven?’ what would you say?” 129 more words

Discipleship/Spiritual Formation

Being responsible for the future

Dallas Willard had bold thinking that would constantly challenge me.

The words of Jesus are real. They are meant to be followed, not just repeated. 151 more words

Discipleship/Spiritual Formation

Bar Code Christianity

I am deeply thankful for Gary Black, Jr. and the work to carry on the writings of Dallas Willard. The latest work is a compilation summing up Willard’s thoughts on renewing the Christian mind. 163 more words

Discipleship/Spiritual Formation

Right thinking

We don’t seem to be in the mood for it these days in our culture, but what is needed now more than ever is right thinking… 152 more words