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He was the greatest thinker...

When we analyze the arguments of Jesus, we soon realize that he was the greatest thinker who ever set foot upon the earth. Contemporary philosopher Dallas Willard states, 103 more words

Norman Geisler

We don't believe because our will...

The truth is, we know a lot of things we don’t believe because our will is set against it.

Dallas Willard, from “The Genius of Jesus” at 7:48

Dallas Willard

Making the History We Want to Live in

The news this morning is particularly ugly — bombings, natural disasters, refugee crises, government corruption, nasty presidential primary politics, armed conflict in every corner. I am reminded of a post I wrote for this blog in 2013 which I am re-posting as encouragement, for me and for all of you.   317 more words

Living As Apprentices

Living in Christ's Presence: Final Words on Heaven and the Kingdom of God by Dallas Willard and John Ortberg

If I could give ten stars to this book, I would. I have, in fact, begun listening to it a second time, because there is so much good information in it. 152 more words


Sin and your true self

Sin hinders your true self from being realized. So, let’s talk about sin. Some people have a problem with sin, or the word/concept of sin. They’ve come to understand it in a cultural or societal or even a religious interpretation…we are worms, worthless, there is no good in us. 196 more words

Random Thoughts

Mark, Episode 3: When Jesus Breaks the Rules

So far in this Mark study, we’ve found out why and who for Jesus came. The next stories tell us a bit of the how… 769 more words

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Listening For Footsteps

Ever feel like a spiritual ant?

I’ve been swimming in theology lately, neck-deep in books by historical and modern spiritual greats: A.W. Tozer, Dallas Willard and Brother Lawrence. 573 more words

Digging A Little Deeper