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The scrappers are mainly Green and Red residents who work clearing trash dumps and scavenging them for usable materials. They originally stripped cars for the tire rubber, oil residue, mechanics, sheet metal, and electrical components. 279 more words


Communication and Writing

In the years following the War, Dalton residents began creating their own methods of communication. Although some electronic systems were re-established within the Citadel for internal notices and messages, for the most part physical letters were written to stay in contact with anyone not regularly seen in person. 390 more words


joshbobdotcom Staff Does Science


When do we find out about dinnerware? This hotly debated topic found its way into the exclusive community of the joshbobdotcom staff. It started with me stating that, close friend and confidant, Doug Freeman made a Southwest Breakfast Bowl ™ for dinner. 216 more words


Food and Farming

South Dakota already had a farming population prior to the War, but some things have changed dramatically. Farming for many years after the war was a subsistence venture, with people growing in-house, rooftop, or communal gardens to try to survive. 1,160 more words


scaffolding the online task: step by step

One of the joys of the digital age is allowing children to work on the computer, playing games and doing web quests to further their language development.  566 more words



Patrols are the police force of Dalton, protecting the city from threats from the inside and out. All Patrol officers must be Citadel Academy graduates and have completed a minimum of a year’s service without pay to be considered for full time positions. 612 more words


The Citadel Academy

The Citadel Academy, founded in 2038, is a specialized school training those who are intent on gaining high-level government postings. It was built on the grounds of the South Dakota School of Mines and technology and was the first college level institution in postwar Dalton. 578 more words