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DTF: Week 2


Going to put my hand up on this one, folks. I thought that the Giants would be a much better team than that. I thought with the return of OBJ that their offense would start clicking again. 803 more words


New Release: Freshman Year

Freshman Year


What happens in the bedroom freshman year stays with you your entire life.

What do you remember most vividly from your freshman year of college? 213 more words

New Release

Wake Up With Whitty - 9/16/2017

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. I was too busy reading last week’s Wake Up With Whitty. Look at me. So young and innocent. 1,202 more words


Linde Targets Mainstread Forklift Market with New Models

Linde by KION has announced it is adding two new internal combustion models to its line-up to compete with mainstream market model forklifts. The strategy is to provide the Linde quality that Linde customers expect, at mid-level pricing. 191 more words

Bowling Green


Quinn was born in the small rebuilt town of Sand Shoal Arkansas in 2080 to a transient family who rode the trains searching for work. His father was a wolf-Mixed, and his mother was human. 501 more words


"Fantasy Fuck" Takes on a New Meaning

Well, I was wrong about a few things. None more surprising than the Jaguars fisting the Texans into a coma or Cincinnatti’s offense failing to show up at all. 1,989 more words


Mixed ID markings and registration

All Mixeds twelve and over living in Citadel-controlled areas must have an ID mark. This is usually part of the job of census staff. When conducting a census they will check the small mark on the upper arm that is initially given for the date of birth, which is made during the first year after a Mixed is born, at the registration centers in the sectors where mothers are required by law to bring a child more than three months old. 945 more words