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As Earth Warms? The Sun Is Remarkably Quiet

Bob Henson, Weather Underground Blog

If you’re looking toward the sun to help explain this decade’s record global heat on Earth, look again. Solar activity has been below average for more than a decade, and the pattern appears set to continue, according to several top solar researchers.

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Welcome, Stanley Benjamin!

Parents, Amy and Ben, and big brother, Teddy, are pleased to welcome Stanley Benjamin Dalton who was born 8 January, 2017. Tiny Stanley weighed 5lb., 11oz and has captured the hearts of all.

DeLeo's Podcast Review

Well, well, well. What do we have here? It’s another podcast! This time, we’re bringing you a review of our second visit to Deleo’s. Head to the bottom of the post to give it a listen. 147 more words

State of Arizona v. Donald Wayne Dalton (Arizona Supreme Court Case No. CR-16-0012-PR, filed 12/22/2016)

In this criminal appeal, the Arizona Supreme Court clarified the standard for determining whether a trial court’s failure to instruct a jury to begin deliberations anew after permitting the mid-deliberation substitution of a juror constitutes reversible error in cases where the defendant did not object to the trial court’s failure to give the “deliberate-anew” instruction. 1,209 more words

Arizona Supreme Court

The Battle of Ingalls

Approximately 54 miles west of Tulsa on highway 51 lies the ghost town of Ingalls. Ingalls was later changed to Signet in 1921 but that town also never really took off. 2,866 more words


David Archibald: Solar Cycle 25 Amplitude Prediction


A monthly smoothed maximum sunspot number of 62 is derived for Solar Cycle 25. This would probably be around 2025. This is almost down to Dalton Minimum levels.

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Atomic theory, proposed 2,500 yrs before Dalton

The world knows atomic theory to have been formulated/proposed by John Dalton. But, the theory was actually formulated by Acharya Kanada (Atom Eater and the teacher of small particles), who is also called Sage Kashyapa. 104 more words