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BACHELOR 4.3: EPISODE 3- The First Elimination

Welcome to the Bachelor version 4 where we attempt to find a life partner for some of those lonely Sims out there!

So far in Round 1, our bachelor has been introduced to all his contestants, and he’s had a 1 on 1 with Simone. 289 more words


Que Ball Sun Looking More Like the Dalton Minimum

Anthony Watts has an update on the progress of Solar Cycle 24 HERE:

According to the data Cycle 24 the lowest in 200 years which harkens back to the time of the Dalton Minimum and Solar Cycle 5… 339 more words


Bachelor 4.3: Episode 2- A Walk in the Park

Welcome to tonight’s episode of the Bachelor! We are looking to find a romantic match for Dalton Montgomery the kind-hearted soul who is looking for a woman that doesn’t mind woohooing in a rocket ship. 342 more words


Storia, aneddoti e spiegazione delle leggi del gas perfetto. Parte 1

Cominciamo facendo un po’ di nomi a caso:

  • John Dalton;
  • Amedeo Avogadro;
  • Jacques Alexandre César Charles;
  • Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac;
  • Robert Boyle;

Si, proprio loro, alcuni tra i padri della chimica, pionieri, soprattutto nel campo dei gas ideali. 465 more words

Road in Dalton Shut Down after Crash

DALTON — Another warning for drivers traveling through Lackawanna County.

Routes 6 and 11 in Dalton are shut down in both directions.

A tractor trailer took down a pole and the utility lines attached to it around midnight. 119 more words


Hollywood light

Trumbo looks and sounds the part but I didn’t give it a second thought after exiting the press screening. (Well, apart from writing up this three-star Sunday Indo review). 242 more words

Hilary A White

We're finally going!

Tomorrow, we are finally heading to Mexico and getting this internship really started. Only now is it really starting to hit me that this is all truly happening. 108 more words