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People Behaving Badly: Daly City crackdown conversations

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —┬áSan Mateo County police departments band together every month and target individual cities by saturating streets with traffic officers.

It is called the San Mateo County Traffic Enforcement Program, also known as STEP. 63 more words


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Styles and attitudes is located at bustling corner of Daly City. 71 more words

San Mateo County DUI Task Force in full force this Thanksgiving weekend

DALY CITY (KRON) — The Avoid the 23 DUI Task Force will be out patrolling the streets of San Mateo County this Thanksgiving weekend looking to stop and arrest drunk drivers, Daly City police said. 210 more words


Daly City police looking for Verizon store burglars

DALY CITY (KRON) — Daly City police are looking for three Verizon store burglary suspects.

Police are calling it a case of “grab and run,” as the thieves worked so fast that they got away with the goods. 90 more words


People Behaving Badly: People driving badly in Daly City

DALY CITY (KRON) — Some people wish there was a police officer on every corner to crack down on all the bad drivers.

Well, on the Peninsula, there is a program that gets as close to that as possible, and it reportedly nets amazing results. 54 more words


The Golden State Diaries: Day 6 & 7




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