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The Abuser is long dead, but inner pain remains

The person who first sexually abused me when I was a child has been dead for a long time now. The effects of that abuse still rattle around in the back of my mind though, coming out to the forefront of my thoughts occasionally.  324 more words

Damaged Children: Ross

Ross isn’t understood by his family.

They think he’s got mental health problems.

His mother told me how much work he is, and how worried she is about him. 923 more words


It's Father Christmas!

It’s cold, the weather’s a bit yuk, but hey, it’s nearly Christmas!

I’ve spent the day in a primary school that was Christmas crazy – tinsel and paperchains on everything and everyone. 683 more words


Syria's Damaged Children

Damaged children, damaged war veterans, damaged cops,  and the list goes on.
The children grow up to be damaged adults.
We all seem to be damaged in one way or another.
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My Brothers

It all started with my mother. Most things back then seemed to anyway and this was no exception. The way it went was something like this: she was bored just looking after me and my father didn’t want her to work, some macho Italian pride thing with him, like I’m the man of the family and I’ll make enough to take care of us. 3,467 more words

Thoughts & Observations

My Work

Since the last week of June, I’ve been looking after the 9 year old boy on his own. His sisters remain in school until next Friday. 851 more words

Children & Young People

Damaged Children: Emma & Molly

Emma was known throughout the school.

Staff, parents and pupils all knew that she could be unpredictable and violent. She was only in Year 4, but quite tall and strong for her age, and with a fierce determination to inflict damage when she felt inclined. 1,617 more words