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Ugly-ass fat dudes with pretty girlfriends that aren’t blind

Kris: What’s up with ugly-ass fat dudes with pretty girlfriends that aren’t blind?

-I don’t know.

Kris: Dude, I keep seeing ugly-ass guys with girls that are waaaay out of their league. 149 more words

Kinda Preachy?

While continuing my discard trip through ages of hoarding the written word, I’m about to discard the following, but cheating and saving it here:

The majority of people are born with one head, two arms and two legs. 276 more words


Damaged Goods

So, there are things in my culture that I look at with a side eye. Things that influenced my emotional and mental well being for some time. 667 more words

Girl Talk

The beginning of the end.

I feel like I am at this place… I don’t quite know how to describe it properly. I’m not happy nor content nor at peace with what Bob did to me. 307 more words



Nothing satisfies

Like pitching a bad orange

From the second floor


Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals

Waiting at the psychologist’s office

This is not because of you

You are not that important

I’m here for me

For my health

Because I am important… 31 more words

Bloggity Blog

Other Voices — Other Lives

“There were times I asked myself,
‘Is life really worth living?’
Suicide, now there’s a thought,
But would God be forgiving?”

Ed L.

“There’s something liberating in being expected to fail. 713 more words