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"Damaged Goods" is Well Worth Seeing

I have little to no experience in the world of dance. My knowledge in this art form spans eight or nine seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and one trip to the Festival Trans-Ameriques in Montreal (plus a handful of shows I’ve seen through NAC Dance). 96 more words


"Damaged Goods" a Symphony of Breath and Body

Damaged Goods, choreographed by Jocelyn Todd, is a contemporary dance show. It consists of two clearly distinct pieces of pure physical prowess that explore the ability of the body to tell stories. 613 more words


But you did forget, didn't you?

I wish you meant all of these things. I wish you hadn’t lied. Most of all, in 2007, I wish you had taken that job in Canada instead.


Love Who? Me??

Love yourself.

Who self?

You self?

Me self?

Love represents immense pain.

I don’t want to hurt anymore.

Love represents heartbreak.

My fingers are too cut to keep picking up the pieces. 303 more words


Goods Damaged, in Transit

There is a strange freedom, in finding oneself alone; one discovers a strength, which one has not felt before.

There is also an emptiness; it is a feature of a separation, it echoes throughout one’s apartment, and cannot be silenced. 598 more words


Henkimaailman asioita

Deus ex machina / Satan-EX machina

Sain yllättävän puhelinsoiton poliisilta. Surkean blogini tiimoilta. Kuulemma blogini oli saanut uusia lukijoita. (mm. poliisi ja syyttäjä! Meitsi on melkein julkkis!!!) 192 more words


Goods, Damaged in Transit

The perception of another is unique; it is not a shared perspective. One is not aware of them, one does not pay attention to the thoughts of others; they are not important. 842 more words