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Share about GOD is peace/ Bagikankah tentang ALLAH itu damai

Day 31 Share about GOD is peace

YOU, GOD, are my peace, the peace for everyone. YOU have negate the walls of separation, destroy disputes through the death and resurrection of CHRIST. 66 more words


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Guys messenger carrier are usually considerable section of our own garments plus the method we all need to appear to be. 320 more words

 Pray/ Doakanlah

Day 30 Pray

O GOD, grant YOUR peace constantly to me, in every way. Peace is a sign that YOU will be with me always. Whatever I do, YOU are doing it for me. 58 more words


Rest peacefully/ Perhentian yang damai

Day 29 Rest peacefully

My desire is that i live long, healthy with full of days, according to YOUR plan, O GOD. YOUR purpose is fulfilled in my life. 67 more words


Peace in every season of life/ Damai pada setiap musim hidup

Day 28 Peace in every season of life

In every season of my life, YOU, GOD, is with me. Your presence brings peace to my heart. 72 more words

The Year Of Multiplication

Educating children brings peace/ Mendidik anak mendatangkan damai

Day 27 Educating children brings peace

Only YOU, GOD who enable me to educate my children, as YOU educate me through YOUR word, my problem or my neighborhood’s situation. 64 more words


Go in peace/ Pergilah dengan damai

Day 26 Go in peace

Wherever i go, may YOUR peace, O GOD be with me. That is my faith. YOUR peace makes me able to walk through and enjoy my trip comfortly. 61 more words