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Five Unknown Books of Greatness

I’ve read 34 books so far this year, guzzling 10 a month because while my stated goal is 52 my heart wants 100. Given the rather eclectic spread ( 829 more words


How to Rent a Negro

There was once a website…

“Rent-a-negro is a state-of-the-arts service that allows you the chance to promote your connection with a creative, articulate, friendly, attractive, and pleasing African American person. 439 more words


Panhandling for Reparations

This is Damali Ayo, panhandling for reparations. It was shot in 2003.
When I think of art’s role in racial dialogue, things like Ask a Slave, and this, come to mind. 202 more words

Remembering Sarah Baartman and the Rented Negro

On June 6th, 3 Black women stood in New York’s Union Square holding signs that read,” You can touch my hair.” The photos were posted across social media and debated in the days to follow. 529 more words


Moving the Field Forward: Privileged Places and Inclusive Spaces

Last week I attended the Media Places: Infrastructure | Space | Media conference at Umeå University. The conference was sponsored by The Peter Wallenberg Foundation and universities of Umeå, Stanford, and Lund. 1,870 more words


Can I get mine politely?

A common theme in this week’s reading is finding ways to help those with privilege recognize that they have it – generally through symbolism. John Scalzi’s “Straight White Male – The Lowest Difficult Setting There Is” uses a gaming analogy. 475 more words

Comedian @Baratunde Thurston Drops Science in "How to Be Black"

Once a historic legislative win in 1976, Black History Month today allows people who would prefer not to discuss race to know what time of year they will be expected to, prompting those people to stay away from compassionate liberals and black people. 480 more words