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Models on the move

Pic: © Sean1552

An alert aviation buff called Sean in Wellington, New Zealand, spotted some interesting activity back in October near his workplace. Writing on the… 424 more words

Dam Busters 1955 Film

Jackson speaks: Dambusters a ‘wonderful story’ which I will have to do.

Peter Jackson has been giving interviews to mark the end of the process of making The Hobbit trilogy, which combined with the Lord of the Rings… 470 more words

Dambusters Remake

Fry finishes Dambusters script

A ‘reliable source’ (as they are known in the trade) has told us that Stephen Fry has now finished the script for the remake of… 85 more words

Dambusters Remake

Script issues still holding up Dambusters remake

Maybe it’s a mark of how far this subject has dropped off the radar, but I have only just caught up with a four-month-old snippet of news from Down Under. 358 more words

Dambusters Remake

Jackson's model Lancaster in close up

I can’t believe that I missed this, more than three years ago! When filming their Last Chance to See natural history TV programme, Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine… 134 more words

Dambusters Remake

Peter Jackson speaks: December 2012 update

Much respect, Ali P(lumb). While every other film journalist has kept to Middle Earthy subjects in their recent questioning of Peter Jackson, Empire Magazine’s finest video interviewer… 229 more words

Dambusters Remake

Blink and you'll miss it

My good friend Dom Howard kindly recorded Stephen Fry’s very brief reference to the Dambusters remake on The One Show on BBC1 last night.

Receiving an award for “Most Consistent Attempt to Remake a Film” the great man revealed that he will be flying out to New Zealand “next Monday” for talks with Peter Jackson on “restarting” the remake. 67 more words

Dambusters Remake