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Smoky the Brave, by Damien Lewis, guest post by Amber the Silky Terrier #BookReview

The arrival of Smoky the Brave has prompted a departure in guest reviewing on this site.  Since the book is about the heroism of a Yorkshire Terrier during WW2, it seemed appropriate to invite Amber the Silky Terrier, a most perceptive pooch of my acquaintance and a close cousin to the Yorkie, to comment on the merits of the book… since she comes from the same family of tiny but courageous and indefatigable dogs, who could be better to review this heroic tale? 1,310 more words


An Unfinished Life (2005)


Hmmm. Here’s another Robert Redford film with all the ingredients of something genuine, but… somehow… sigh. He’s a maudlin old farmer, out in them thar hills, having a daily chat with his son’s gravestone (it’s under a tree on his farm). 578 more words