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Eating My Way Across America...in Saudi???

Episode 5
I am joined today by may mate Mark on my quest to sample the food of America’s most famous food chains.

Eat, Learn, Fight


Why do Muslims fast in the Month of Ramadan?

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan has arrived and the Muslims around the world are making preparations for it. Why do Muslims wake up in the early hours to do seher (meals before fajr) and why do they wait until sunset to break their fast. 550 more words

Eating My Way Across America... in Saudi???

Episode 4
TGI Friday’s
This time I am joined by select number of my trainees.

Mohammed ‘the kid’ O, Abdullah ‘silent’ B, Rayan ‘the skinny’ Aoes, Ahmed ‘tootoo’ Bergawi, Fahad ‘the minor’ Alzahrani, Abdullah ‘Mr selfie’ Njrani.

Eat, Learn, Fight

Saudi Arabia


“You won’t like it” the taxi driver sneered dismissively as we climbed out in front of the Massara Hotel, “I will wait” he casually added. We were in the seaside town of Kohbar for the weekend. 1,036 more words



Happy are men who yet before they are killed

Can let their veins run cold.

Whom no compassion fleers

Or makes their feet

Sore on the alleys cobbled with their brothers.

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