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DSL 4.11.rc2 installation

Damn Small Linux installation

Method II: Current ISO + Syslinux

The iso file I used.

-rw-r--r-- 1 penguin penguin 51M Sep 15 05:58 dsl-4.11.rc2.iso

Remove the MBR on the usb stick (/dev/sdb). 470 more words


Footprints: building Damn Small Linux 4.11.RC2 (Frugal install)

You can find my footprints of creating Damn Small Linux 4.11.RC2 (Frugal install) on VM here.


I used to think that the notion that there were too many Linux distros was overblown. Surely people could just pick one and use it. And, then there were all the horror stories of how difficult it was to install Linux. 413 more words


Try GNU/Linux on your system #1: the live CD

4 mounths before the Windows® XP end of support.

You may already abandoned some of your proprietary software in favor of free alternative, and you want to go further. 190 more words

Installing Java 6 on Damn Small Linux

There’s a tutorial out there on how to install Java 5 on Damn Small Linux, but Java 5 just wasn’t cutting it for me. It’s a miracle I could get this to run – I doubt Java 7 will run on a 2.4 kernel. 224 more words

The ease of choosing a distro

If you’ll permit me a “get off my lawn” moment, I just have to wonder where this particular tool has been all this time.

You see, I’ve said… 552 more words