Three Ways To Break a Curse... February 19, 2015

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I curse people.

People curse me.

Unfortunately, we curse each other.

This lends itself to a reaction. For after all, for every action there is a reaction. 331 more words

The Rule Of Three

//I am very sad now. I think I’ll probably go to bed

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to Fairlife milk

Here’s a lesson on spin for you.

via CBC: Coca-Cola gets into milk business with Fairlife brand 

How do you make a factory farm sound like a kindness to animals, and free-range sound like torture? 92 more words

Damn You!

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It’s nothing,
(I had another dream)
about you.
(about… kissing you)
and it’s not your fault
it’s just-
I feel like a fool
my subconscious mind… 6 more words