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Karratha and Beyond

Where are we now
Exmouth Lighthouse
Travelling Tales
Next town heading south was Karratha and then through there to Dampier both towns based on natural resources for employment. 628 more words


Karratha and Dampier!

Day 19: When we got to Karratha, we stopped at the visitors center. This was good because we found out that the road we want to take to get to Tom Price and Karajini is a 4WD Mine Access road, which meant we had to watch an induction video and sign some paperwork! 640 more words

On This Day: 28 June 1688

Some time around this day in 1688, Thomas Bowrey invited the pirate William Dampier to his house in Aceh. In Dampier’s own words:

When I was a little recovered from the effects of my drench I made shift to go abroad and, having been kindly invited to Captain Bowrey’s house there, my first visit was to him, who had a ship in the road but lived ashore. 87 more words

On This Day: 20 April 1688

On this day in 1688, Bowrey started an account book for his business whilst he stayed at Aceh. The accounts ended 16 May but his stay there lasted at least a month or so longer because that is when the pirate, William Dampier, visited Bowrey at his house. 105 more words


29/06/2016 – On the road

Much driving was done.

We had a quick break in Dampier to stretch our legs, and see…

…  the statue of Red Dog. 121 more words

Western Australia

Slow Progress - Bowrey's Eventful Life in the East Indies 1680-1688

Bowrey’s second period in the East Indies from 1680 to 1688 was eventful and this chapter is taking a long time to write. There is great satisfaction in matching events in his papers with mentions in the records of the East India Company but it all takes time. 168 more words