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Des Plaines River Trail—Route 60 to Route 22

As the hours of daylight drastically shorten in November, the miles of our hike along the entire Des Plaines River Trail quickly stack up. The trek south along this stretch of the trail from Route 60 to Route 22 was summed up in the stillness of bare branches that were silhouetted against the sky and reflected back from mirrors of water in the surrounding floodplain forest. 656 more words


DRP News Bulletin 23, Nov. 2015 - Uttar Pradesh declares 50 districts as drought hit

Eight Indian States have already declared drought this year. Apart from UP the other states are Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. 7,338 more words


Blockading Baram dam (video)

The government of Sarawak, one of two Malaysian states in Borneo, plans to build a string of hydroelectric dams and industrialise with the power. But the next of the planned dams, on the Baram River, threatens the land and homes of 20,000 indigenous people. 33 more words


'Fight until they die' - Malaysia's dam blockade finds international support

Crikey, 16 November 2015: When they first set up camp it was under plastic tarps strung from the trees and propped up with sticks. That night the rain came — a drenching tropical downpour that left the group of 100 or so protesters wet, cold and awake through the dark Borneo night. 154 more words


At last some rain!!! The Milgis is Smiling!


For months and months every morning we would wake up to this…..YES totally unbelievably beautiful BUT not a cloud in the sky.. 514 more words


DNR to plant 50,000 extra hatchery brown trout on Muskegon River to replace missing year-class

By Howard Meyerson

Anglers who fish the Muskegon River for trout are going to get a little extra something this month. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources intends to stock an additional 50,000 brown trout in the waters downstream from Croton Dam. 704 more words