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Damsel in Distress...

I’m small but I’m a tough cookie, well, I like to think I am so please for the purpose of this post just humour me! 1,074 more words


IT Didn't Just Happen Like That?

Warning : spoiler alert

And a disclaimer – I am not someone who believes in gender quotas or remaking classic movies with all female casts. This is just something that annoyed me in a movie I had really been looking forward to. 459 more words


The Damsel In The Sewers: "It" Delivers On Horror, Fails Its Leading Lady

Spoiler warning! This article contains plot details about the 2017 horror film It. If you do not plan to see this movie or do not care about spoilers, read on! 1,887 more words


“Sometimes I wish you were more gentle.” He says looking directly into my eyes but at the back of my mind I can’t help but remember the sharp pain that pierced through my chest when he sent me photos on Facebook of his ‘very white’ wedding.

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Create - Teach - Motivate (Week 3)

What motivates you?

Is it joy and happiness, the love of another? Or is it frustration, anger or the need for justice?

There are many paths to motivation, but to create action from that motivation, to actually do something about it, there is two components that are needed in order to ignite that impulse. 471 more words


When My Mood Swings

When my mood swings, nothing will be fine
Cause they don't know the line between wrong and right
They'll make me do things all day till night
Which I'm gonna regret all my life. 254 more words

Damsel in Distress: I Don’t Need You to Save Me.

Though I sure as hell wanted you to.

Lately I feel like I’ve been someone I’m not, and I’ve been missing the girl I used to be.  394 more words