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I am a damsel for distress.

I am a raging fire on a snowy winter night,

a hurricane of fireflies breaking havoc in the realm of my mind,

a spy among the smithereens of stars… 50 more words

The Gag Whisperer

Dr. Sarah Anderson, (eminent archaeologist, part-time History professor and frequent damsel in distress) had finally given up trying to make herself comfortable in favour of simply relieving her boredom. 1,262 more words

Let the dominoes fall

“Okay Mister J, try to relax, it’s just a little further,.. no peeking now, you wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise,..”
Harley Quinn, resplendent in a skin tight red and black chequered costume with her face powdered white, led the Joker (himself dressed in a rich purple tuxedo, his vision obscured by a blindfold) through a pair of double doors into the backstage area of a long abandoned television studio. 2,234 more words

The damsel who was never in distress and the upsiydownsy

There is friend of mine that is called the damsel who was never in distress. She is so called because never was there a situation that she couldn’t rescue herself from. 2,432 more words


The Ballad of a Teen Detective

Nancy Drew sat silently in the cramped confines of a darkened room in the somewhat familiar predicament of being tied up and gagged. The distant sounds of music and laughter were heard as the party continued, the well dressed patrons blissfully unaware of her plight. 1,903 more words

Further Adventures in Babysitting (Episode two: Here be Dragons,..)

Welcome friends, and thanks for tuning in.

So, to summarize,.. as part of my babysitting duties I had agreed to play the part of the captive gunslinger in a game of Cowboys and Indian’s. 1,456 more words