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The Gallery of Rogue Kids in Plumsville

A saunter down the Gallery of Rogue Kids in Plumsville leaves us amazed at the innovative skills, cunning and resource of the children we come across in the works of P G Wodehouse. 1,239 more words

P G Wodehouse

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Just in case you missed the recent series by Ashokia Bhatia celebrating Wodehouse's young squirts and pests, his 'Gallery of Rogue Kids' is a delicious summary (with links to the previous installments). Another specimen for the gallery might be 'Albert the page' at Belpher Castle in A Damsel in Distress (1919):

'To one who saw his deep blue eyes and their sweet, pensive expression as they searched the middle distance he seemed like a young angel. How was the watcher to know that the thought behind that far-off gaze was simply a speculation as to whether the bird on the cedar tree was or was not within range of his catapult? '


This is the story of how a damsel in distress was turned into a warrior princess….

At the beginning of this year, I was led by God into this unknown territory where there was fanfare, color and excitement. 1,542 more words

Damsel In Distress

The Damsel Whose Distress Kept Growing: Part 1

This is an extremely difficult (and long) story to tell.  Most of my recent posts have dealt with past trauma, and the benefit of time has allowed me to frame them in a positive light.   593 more words