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Ladies, man up and live your life with or without a man.

I hate that “damsel in distress” image. Hate is a strong word but it’s not strong enough for the anger that blazes inside me every time I see some girl twiddling her fingers waiting for her prince to come and kiss all her problems away. 848 more words

Prince Charming – Stuck in a tree

My current (temporary) job is very easy; it involves a lot of mindless data entry.  As a result, I can easily listen to my ipod all day without it interfering with my work.   435 more words


Violence and Consent in Computer Games

Quoted from:

A Game Is Being Beaten

By Leigh Alexander

The trend in video game design is to comment on violence by asking players to perform violence. 167 more words

Opinion And Discussion

"How To Keep My Love" and the Pitiful and Hopeless Damsel

Park Je-Hyeon’s “How To Keep My Love” (2004) was about two women: a 29-year-old woman, Hyun-Joo (Kim Jung-Eun), who work in general labor and the other an A-list actress, Eun Da-Young (Oh Seung-Hyeon), who is both elegant and enigmatic. 441 more words


Damsel In Distress Tours!

I seriously enjoy doing this blog tour stuff. Maybe a little too much. Damsel In Distress is on the road for the next two weeks. Unlike the other tours I’ve done, this one will have something new and different and special at each stop, not just the same blurb and links and excerpt every time. 79 more words


The unforgivable purchase!

I bought my very first industrial stapler! …..and I liked it!

 My U.S. Veteran husband is so traditional in many ways. I guess he was trained to be as such. 312 more words

Life Skill Tools

Announcing Damsel In Distress

I am pleased to announce Damsel In Distress is live and ready for the world on Amazon, in both ebook and trade paperback. This is a story documenting the life of Sabetia, a girl raised by her mother to be good and quiet and obedient. 179 more words