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The Muslim Damsel in Distress

An unmarried woman who needs to be rescued. A common global theme featured throughout history, dating as early as ancient Greek mythology, through European fairy tales during the Middle Ages, and leading into modern-day Western culture. 821 more words

Hell Hath No Fury...


Do not think me weak,
I’m no helpless bird
No damsel in a window; 
The worst is just beginning.

I’m a woman, boy,
have you not yet heard? 8 more words


Segilola's Tale

Saucy as a shrew, naughty like that.

From catacombs to every crevice,

wares well sold. Segilola beautiful damsel.

Igba nla dogi, iyalaya any bagger*

I will walk my talk, my talk is my work. 154 more words


Chest pains

At the start of the year, whilst palpating my chest for reasons I don’t remember were soap-related or just because I was horny, I discovered a lump. 1,692 more words


Queen in a Quarrel

Princes and heroes: you talk about them as if they exist. I’ve no idea because I’ve never needed them. I don’t need saving, I’ve always fought my own battles. 58 more words

Rapunzel's Evolution

The 1990s brought a different perspective on women’s rights and feminism.  Popular opposition from men “who felt their masculinity had been somehow diminished by women who no longer needed to be rescued” questioned women’s newfound rights (Smith, 2015, p. 1,218 more words

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