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Once upon a time, during a time when knights were bold(and hermits were old), there was a royal king who lived in his castle; Now one day, the king was awash with worry; He had very big trouble on his hands, so he called out a trio of knights to help him with his trouble. 250 more words


The Original Man I Await

I find it intricately erotic when I have an encounter with a man who is sincere, tactically detailed, ready to please a woman.

Originality is in him who takes me to the highest land of pleasure and fulfillment. 154 more words


Bonnie and Clyde

My Bonnie, can you see the stars tonight?

Yes, I do, ’cause if I can’t, I will gaze at you.

My Bonnie, can you see me through this dark and lonely night? 89 more words



​Damsel, damsel in distress

How will you get out of this mess?

Forsaken and hopeless

Defeated and restless

Oh damsel, damsel in distress

The Dragon's Gold


Trying to explain why the damsel got caught by the dragon

Most dragons like sitting on gold
While the knight wants a damsel to hold, 121 more words


September Special

This is a deal you do not want to miss! If you have been wanting to try this business out and see if this is for you; this is the month to give it a shot! 64 more words


Restored Breath

He saved her from the depths

And breathed life into her lungs.

She awakened, and they embraced,

Clenching onto one another.

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