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God Is Waiting For A Call

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. ” – Matthew 11:28

Earlier this afternoon, a friend was talking to me about how problems can make the heart very heavy and its consequences, when all of a sudden, I started pondering over the many times I had felt it too. 320 more words

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The Launch Of Dear Damsel Was Successful And I'm Grateful

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

What can I say? Could I have done this on my own? 186 more words


Why Dear Damsel Targets Damsels And Not Women In General

A week ago, a friend asked why I targeted young unmarried women as my main audience in the book instead of targeting women in general, of all ages. 209 more words


Damsels On Fire Episode 3: Edem Roberta Abbeyquaye

“Sacrifice, work hard, focus, learn, be nice; it does magic.” – Edem Roberta Abbeyquaye

Edem Roberta Abbeyquaye is a multimedia journalist, photographer and a volunteer. She is also a human rights advocate, speaker, content producer, and heyye, she’s on a mission to be build a tompire (lol) 103 more words

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If 80% Of The Book Content Is Useful To Unmarried Men, Why Is The Title Channeled To Women?

Another good question from one of my male readers: If 80% of the book content is useful to unmarried men, then why is the title channeled to women? 127 more words

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Damsels On Fire Episode 2: Auguster Boateng

“If I could be my dream woman: I would be an example and a source of inspiration to all the young people around me; always willing to teach, mentor and encourage. 131 more words

A Place Called Melody

Shelter found within
the chief musician’s cethar,
A damsel did dance
To the tune of his piping.
Reckless abandon sprouting
Surety in endless ballads.