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the 'backup'

Confused, lost and alone. The way she felt, every time she looked into his eyes. The man she loved, standing in front of her in the flesh, yet her soul felt alone, trapped in a world where, an innocent damsel was, the one to lose her happy ending. 45 more words



Each hour a damsel ponders how,

How to run away.

Away; she imagines is much further,

Further than the longest day.

Day to week to month she drags, 82 more words



The corner of my eye
A moving, fleeting figure;
Sedately gliding,
Feather lightly traipsing,
All too fleeting damsel demure.

Within the halving of a second, 29 more words



Warning. Foul language ahead o:

Sitting on a N train seat allows my imagination to run wild. One day I could be a heroic knight fighting ogres and dragons for a damsel in distress, and then the next day, I could be the damsel in distress in need of a knight. 483 more words

The Meaning Behind

Mind if I tell you my four categories in this blog? So far I have the Carpe Diem, Pipe Dream, Pristine Notion, and Damsel’s World. The behind meanings were taken from Merriam-Webster (dictionary app) 😁 154 more words


I Don't Wanna Taco Bout It...

Can I just say.. I love food puns. Who doesn’t? They’re corny (haha) and just plain hilarious.

Now we’ve got that out of the way… A little bit about me. 337 more words