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Damsel in Distress


I interrupt the thankfulness project to make an important announcement. Where is my prince? I am begging the universe for my savior. Last night there was a toad on the porch. 75 more words


No Longer a Damsel in Distress

Unfixable. Broken. Damaged. Mistake. Hopeless. Helpless.

How many times have we used these words during self-talk to deepen our wounds? Perhaps we’ve labeled ourselves as something toxic or attached ourselves to every negative word in existence. 404 more words

Writing Prompts

The Writer's Journey

One of my personal joys is masturbation. Another is going to a second hand bookshop megastore here in Kyoto and browsing the English language section. Not only is it a bit of a lottery regards to content, but it’s also a sampling of the tastes of the expat community here in Kyoto. 374 more words


Damsel, 12: Miccolangiolo's David

It took a goodly while, but when Micco was finally reassured that there was no blessed wine left, he squeezed open eyes the bloodshot color of a Wintermass tapestry.  4,467 more words

Rampant Anthropomorphism

Why the Dragon Lives Alone

A dragon deserves a dark friend
But that damsel is on the light end
And her knight loves to fight
Not for wrong but for right. 16 more words


Pepper Sprays!

These super cute pepper sprays are stylish yet fierce! Pepper sprays need to be replaced about every six months so if you do not have a pepper spray or need a new one; check out  80 more words