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Love for Him

There you lay

Soundly asleep,

nights like

these are my favorite.

Honey isn’t as sweet

as this.

Every sun rise

you’re by my side,

my partner in crime. 22 more words


A Call to Arms

In moments of stillness and complacency
the Damsel becomes the Wild Woman
and rescues herself


The Safe House

Most people are blessed with incorrigible ignorance. They don’t see the lion under the table. They don’t see the goblins in their chicken houses. They don’t even have a chicken house and so they can’t see the devil in his details. 152 more words


Lovesick Sprite

Mou counted three nights without sleep and asked her owner, not to bring in more customers. Her experiences were confined to a sweaty room (with godly posters all around) and unclean sheets. 311 more words


Diary 2017 (41) March 14th - a varied night with slave Flo

Tuesday night, March 14th, turned out to become a varied and relaxing night. Mistress Jenny was not online and as no other slaves showed up I was alone with slave Flo, who is still comfy in her restricted catsuit, corset and hood. 512 more words

Diomita Maurer

Her Knight In Shining Armor

​Thank you, Tom, for providing me with material to overcome my writer’s block. I presume you know what this poem refers to.

There she was surrounded… 160 more words


Big Girl Panties

I recently moved into a new apartment and besides the exceptionally taxing and yet liberating task of moving heavy pieces of furniture down flights of stairs then up some more, everything else was fairly easy. 363 more words