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Officer Candidate School and the Fighting Season

The boy had it coming, but I figured it wouldn’t be great to encourage his four year old pal to punch him in the head. So I pulled the hard hitting lad aside for a good ‘ol chat. 644 more words


Book Review: The Virginian by Owen Wister

Most followers of Thoughts on the Edge of Forever probably know by now that I enjoy Westerns. A lot. Films, books, TV shows – whatever the medium, I will happily devour tales set in the Old West. 931 more words

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Damsel of Wands

Hello, this is your usual blogger, and I believe we have discovered a crack in the black abyss that currently surrounds our cursed headquarters. At least, it may a crack in the abyss. 297 more words

Minor Arcana

Damsels & Dragons (Odonata)

When in Madagascar we saw many cool insects but some of the most colourful were the dragon and damselflies (order Odonata). The easiest way to tell between dragon and damselflies is through the difference in their wings when they land. 124 more words


Preacher 2x03 - Damsels

This episode opens with a flashback, revealing what actually happened the day Eugene and Tracey both received shotgun wounds. The story around town was that Eugene was angry Tracey rejected his advances and proceeded to attempt a murder-suicide, but failed on both counts. 2,362 more words



The second character appearing in Preacher episode Damsels is another operative of The Grail, the mysterious organization we now know is on Jesse Custer… 859 more words


Sarah Featherstone

Not all series have ended, some have just begun, and Preacher is one of them. In Damsels we meet a couple of new characters, who promise to become quite some pain in the back for our (anti) heroes. 796 more words