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Last September something wonderful happened … I discovered ‘Damsels In Success’. Who are ‘Damsels’ and why has this discovery been so important for me ?

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2016 - Things to be grateful for ...

January is a time for me to re-organise myself and my surroundings – and I’m always a bit slow to shrug off the Christmas holidays and get back to some work. 1,030 more words


Today, I learnt some things ...

Intro :

I spent the daytime working with some new friends on our celebrations of 2016 and our Desires & Intentions for 2017. The main aim of the day was to produce a Vision Board. 616 more words


Some damsel in redress ...

He’d oxidised beyond repair.

Or at least so he felt.  And neither did he want to be saved by some damsel in redress.  No.  That would be quite wearisome: to recover a semblance of his former glories through a kinda… 464 more words


Damsels Gallery

As an emerging pro photographer, I was asked if I would be happy to take some images of my fellow Damsels at November’s meeting – in order to share with the group. 163 more words


My Damsels Introduction

‘Amanda the Damsel’ is on a journey – a treacherous and exciting journey in equal measure …

It is a journey that I was not expecting to have to make – a deviation from the path that I was securely treading – that forced me to reassess my whole life and the reasons for carrying on. 767 more words


A New Way Through the Labyrinth

As readers of my perverted series of comedy fantasy novels, the Rampant Damsels range, will know, I always like to indulge myself by including one chapter which is formatted as a ‘choose your own adventure’ escapade, allowing the reader to steer their own course through a section of the story, using their ingenuity to select a path through the atrocities and depravities secreted within the numbered paragraphs. 556 more words