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Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs Biff Busick & Drew Gulak – Beyond Wrestling King of Arts

Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs Biff Busick & Drew Gulak 03/01/2015 Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island

Oh my god, I love Team Tremendous so much, these huge dorks. 544 more words


Anatomy of a Cromance

I have previously criticised the crony friends of Daniel Cassidy, charlatan and fake etymologist, who have been responsible for artificially boosting Cassidy’s reputation and selling his irritating and insane drivel to Irish American suckers. 767 more words

Daniel Cassidy

Bottom of the 33rd: A Baseball Magazine Book Review

What’s your favorite thing about baseball? It could be the 7th inning stretch, the grand slams, the no-hitters, the perfect games, the triple crowns, the golden sombreros, the suicide squeezes. 724 more words


Week of July 5, 2015

How about our team?

More Than A Game: USA Women’s World Cup Victory

I was back home in Minnesota over the Fourth of July. Coming from large family (5 siblings, 17 nieces and nephew at last count), trips home are delightfully filled to the brim with dinners, youth games, late night beers, errands, and – on this occasion – work. 898 more words


World's Finest 58 - the Arrow-tank, and Tom Sparks - Boy Inventor ends

The heroes come to the west coast for the cover of World’s Finest 58 (May/June 1952).

George Papp has some great art on this Green Arrow story that sees him and Speedy deal with a giant, robotic archer-tank. 208 more words

World's Finest 56 - Tom Sparks and the phantom house

That’s a remarkably unexciting cover on World’s Finest 56 (Jan/Feb 52).

It’s not a spectacular issue, either. The only story that stands out is the Tom Sparks one, and even that is not exceptional. 83 more words

World's Finest 51 - Tom Sparks finds Atlantis, and Zatara ends

Too busy for sports on the cover of World’s Finest 51 (April/May 1951).

For his first invention since joining Global Developments, Inc, Tom Sparks decides to find Atlantis, and creates a scanner to search the ocean floor.  233 more words