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World's Finest 58 - the Arrow-tank, and Tom Sparks - Boy Inventor ends

The heroes come to the west coast for the cover of World’s Finest 58 (May/June 1952).

George Papp has some great art on this Green Arrow story that sees him and Speedy deal with a giant, robotic archer-tank. 208 more words

World's Finest 56 - Tom Sparks and the phantom house

That’s a remarkably unexciting cover on World’s Finest 56 (Jan/Feb 52).

It’s not a spectacular issue, either. The only story that stands out is the Tom Sparks one, and even that is not exceptional. 83 more words

World's Finest 51 - Tom Sparks finds Atlantis, and Zatara ends

Too busy for sports on the cover of World’s Finest 51 (April/May 1951).

For his first invention since joining Global Developments, Inc, Tom Sparks decides to find Atlantis, and creates a scanner to search the ocean floor.  233 more words

World's Finest 50 - Tom Sparks gets a job, and Batman and the Bullet Hole Club

I bet even Robin could run faster than those cars at top speed.

Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor returns in World’s Finest 50 (Feb/March 1951), as Dan Barry continues where the introductory story left off. 256 more words

World's Finest 49 - Tom Sparks - Boy Inventor begins, Zatara causes a train crash, and the Penguin gives Batman a white feather

Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor takes the cover of World’s Finest 49 (Dec/Jan 1950/51) for its debut.

Dan Barry is the artist on this new strip about a young boy who is an inventive genius. 458 more words

The Decade in Indie: Team Beyond vs. Team InterSpecies Wrestling (Beyond 5/7/10)

Pre-Match Thoughts: Team Beyond is Chase Burnett and Zane Silver while Team InterSpecies Wrestling is Frankie Arion and Dan Barry.In my hearts of hearts, I’m hoping for an unabashed spotfest. 479 more words

The Decade In Indie

Action 149 - Jor-El and Lara's courtship, Tommy Tomorrow in the movies, and the debut of the Vigilante-cycle

Action 149 (Oct. 50) has the earliest version of the romance between Jor-El and Lara.  A version that has been entirely dropped from continuity, for very good reasons. 403 more words