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Review: The Ultimates Issue 1

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colour art by Dan Brown

Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

Published by Marvel


One of the several unsolvable problems of comics is stasis. 438 more words

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Karnak #1


Capsule Review

I hope writer Warren Ellis isn’t being paid by the word, because there aren’t a lot of them here! But taciturn storytelling is appropriate for the grim and mysterious Karnak, a third-tier member of a third-tier team, who makes a play for A-List status in this moody and superior story. 189 more words

Marvel Comics

10 Word Review - Inferno (book)

Mystery. History. Chase. Population. Dante. Transhumanism. Clues. Puzzle. Race. Yes.

10 Word Review

Ian caldwell - The Fifth Gospel

If you are wanting a mystery book, in the likeness of the da Vinci code, then this book is for you. I give this book a 9/10, it really is that good. 116 more words

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Book Questions!

Here is my second (kind of) TAG! All about books (of course): Book Questions 891 more words


Inferno - Brown

“There comes a moment in history when ignorance is no longer a forgivable offense… a moment when only wisdom has the power to absolve.”

A look at the great minds of history and their madness within.

729 more words
Book Review