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Origin (Dan Brown novel) Book Review

In his latest work, Dan Brown continues his journey/debate about religion and science. About how the two complete each other and coexist peacefully sometimes. And about how they do the complete opposite in other occasions. 205 more words

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Down The TBR Hole #2

It’s a meme kinda day for me, I’m reading a couple of books simultaneously to try and play catch up, we’ll see if it works or if I break down in tears lol. 1,266 more words

Origin, a review.

I have previously written a post chronicling my love/hate relationship with Dan Brown’s books. This, however, will be an in-depth review specific to his latest book in the ‘Robert Langdon’ series, … 503 more words


5.20.19: "This Throne Of Ultimate Power"

“Dream: I receive a fruit called The Space Seed. Nic Cage as the guy who tried to keep the heroine down…finally institutionalized; next to him, one of the frost giants is hit in the back with Thor’s hammer.”

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Why I No Longer 'Love' Dan Brown's Books.

As a child, I loved reading. There exist numerous photos of me wearing someone else’s glasses with a book between my chubby fingers. Reading made me feel smart, and that’s the best feeling for a child when they’re in primary school. 642 more words


reverend bizarre implicated in "join the illuminati" scam!

“Join the Illuminati” posts have started appearing on the Reverend Bizarre facebook page…

They promise cash prizes, dream vacations, VIP treatments and even a Golf membership. 56 more words

Business Practices

Spoiler-Free Book Review: “Origin” by Dan Brown

My mother let me borrow her paperback of Origin recently. Dan Brown is a well-known American author known for his thriller novels, including Angels & Demons… 509 more words

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