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The dapper intellectual of Harvard has been summoned yet again in his Harris tweed jacket and this time he is face-to-face with calculated terrorism by something that knocks the air out of his lungs quite literally, a few times.

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Review: Secret of The Templars - Paul Christopher

4 of 5 stars

Series: Templars 9

My version: Paperback
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Retired army ranger Lt. Col. John Holliday’s niece is brutally murdered whilst searching for the long-lost Dead Sea Scroll. 662 more words


#7: Per conoscere Roma, non basta una vita : la Città del Vaticano

Ho voluto finalizzar questo capitolo, dedicandolo alla Città del Vaticano…

La Città del Vaticano, è un Stato autonomo, dove vige un regime di monarchia a capo il Papa della chiesa cattolica. 558 more words

Roma: Per Conoscere Non Basta Una Vita

Meaning of Symbols

Symbols do a lot in our day to day life, it’s an easier way of communicating with us than putting everything in writing, each religion has there signature symbol, Business Logos are also symbols , even when looking on your phone the majority of people have created a symbol to log-in with and then there are more symbols to show battery life, whether or not WiFi or Bluetooth is on or even if you have a pair of headphones plugged in. 43 more words

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Conclave by Robert Harris

Robert Harris just can’t help himself. After 282 pages of taut thriller about a lot of very old men sitting in a darkened room and putting names in a (papal) hat, he goes and throws in an unnecessary complication. 332 more words

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Rome - Angels & Demons

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  • Nov 2014

Angels & Demons Locations in Rome

As mentioned elsewhere, while I decided to not take one of the numerous guided Angels & Demons tours around Rome, I was nonetheless interested in trying to find the major book and filming locations on my own.  794 more words


Inferno: Book to Movie

I didn’t really care for Dan Brown’s Inferno, especially compared with his The DaVinci Code (which I love!). The plot was not as thrilling as previous ones have been, despite all the promise of Dante. 191 more words