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The Da Vinci CON!

History’s fastest selling adult book?? What, after porn??

Another exposing article by Terry Watkins about the farce of the Da Vinci Code book and movie way back in 2006. 235 more words

Jesus Christ Is The Only Way To Heaven!

Book Review - Digital Fortress

Why I read this book:  It was 10 cents at the used book store, and I was curious about the books that famous authors wrote before they became truly famous. 481 more words


Summer Table decor

My summer time book collection.

Swaroute Design


Never Again....

he’s changed, even considerate, buying her flowers again, has even began to clean up, the days roll on, the progress grows, then one night he says, maybe a glass or two, well he drinks on the quite, the party begins, she’s nervous he’s certain, I’ll never do that again, the drinks become a bottle, his eyes begin to change, she’s seen it before, it was when… 18 more words


Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress By Dan Brown

Continuing the story behind the books I love…

The bookworm DNA in me had passed on from my grandmother to my mother and then finally me. 441 more words

Book Review

Karnak 3

Today, Drew and Spencer are discussing Karnak 3, originally released April 20th, 2016.

Drew: When we talk about superhero weaknesses, we tend to focus on the physiological ones — the ones that exist within the narrative. 1,948 more words

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