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Jeffrey Katzenberg On WndrCo's New TV Model: "I've Found A Brand New Everest" - Cannes Lions

In Cannes to talk up his latest venture, WndrCo, Jeffrey Katzenberg says he’s found “a brand new Everest.” The company is getting into what he’s so far terming “New TV” destined for mobile devices in the form of shows with full story arcs, but limited to 6-10 minutes per episode. 828 more words

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Weekendowy maraton czytelniczy

Wydawnictwo Sonia Draga ogłosiło, że w październiku do Polski przyjedzie Dan Brown. Na koniec września planowana jest premiera kolejnej części przygód Roberta Langdona. Nim jednak pojawi się ona w księgarniach zachęcam Was do odświeżenia sobie poprzednich części. 724 more words


June Astromusings Happy Birthday Cancerians! Blessings for the Winter/Summer Solstice! New Moon Super Moon in Cancer

Moon mother,
yin maiden
smiling from your silver
empress throne
Spin dreams and silken fantasy
glide noiselessly on cloudless skies
holding ancient pearly wisdom
in your womb… 3,591 more words

Temple Church

Temple Church in London became known to most people through Dan Brown’s book, and the subsequent movie, the Da Vinci Code, yet it is not easy to find. 324 more words


Angels & Demons Review


Ngeri. Pembunuhannya termasuk ke dalam standar ngeri menurut saya. Tapi kisahnya keren. Luar biasa keren. *nangisterharu*.

Banyak pengetahuan baru yang saya dapatkan di sini. Saking penasarannya saya sampai googling. 129 more words


Titans #12 Review

Omen meets with Psimon to try to uncover the details surrounding Karen Duncan’s memories.  299 more words



  • Agatha Christie:
    1. Third girl- Rs. 50
    2. Why didn’t they ask Evans?- Rs. 40
    3. The Burden- Rs. 40
    4. Murder on the orient express-Rs. 40
    5. Five little pigs- Rs.
  • 186 more words