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10 things to keep in mind for active reading

While searching for an illustration for ‘reading’, I only came across pictures where

subjects are reading books only. Reading as per Google search means “the action or skill of reading”. 783 more words

Dan Brown

Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer. ― Dan Brown, Digital Fortress. (Corgi Books January 17, 2004) Originally published 1998.


Books I Want To Read & Re-read

I’ve recently been back on reading books again. Mostly fiction ofcourse, and trying to draw inspiration for when I start writing again *gaspeu* YEP, I AM GOING TO WRITE AGAIN SOON! 405 more words


Jeroen's Diary Is Out! Like #DaVinciCode & #XFiles. #scifi #VoynichManuscript

Hi there! I finished the sequel to TSUNAMI. If you are a subscriber, you should receive the email. If you want to get it, please subscribe to the ARC here… 125 more words

Book Review: The Desception Point by Dan Brown

 Information is power.

                                                           A phrase inside white house and intelligence worlds.

Ratings: 4/5

“Deception” is something which we all know and have face at one point of time.

897 more words

Inferno (2016) - Review


We’ve gotten this far ahead inside of a world where Robert Langdon is thought to be potential for an iconic film character and yet his previous two films are either laughably ridiculous with the turns of their mysteries or horrendously boring at their worst. 792 more words

Film Reviews

TMGBC | Three Meetings

I’m sorry, Mrs Weasley. I’m sorry to everyone! I’ve been behind. I will go straight to the reviews I’ve missed and will update you on why I’m so late after so if you don’t want to know, you can skip that part. 761 more words