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Audio Books - Do they count as reading?

This is something that I have seen discussed a few times on blogs and booktube videos. Well if we are going to be completely technical about it then No it is not reading, because you are not actually reading the book, someone is reading it to you. 341 more words

Angels and Demons through ch. 67

This section of reading was very intense and dramatic. We are racing against the clock and we need to find the canister and save the lives of the preferiti. 167 more words


Guest Post: Review of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons"

     Today I’m turning the reins over to guest blogger Tanmay Jain, who has just finished reading another one of Dan Brown’s famous Robert Langdon novels.    Take it away, Tanmay… 643 more words

Book Review #1 "Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown"

A controversial best-seller and certainly not a book for everyone.

The story revolves around Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu’s venture to find the ‘Holy Grail’. Dan Brown surely knows how to put fiction and historical facts together to create a thrilling page-turner. 694 more words


"Origin" by Dan Brown

Genre: Thriller

“Where do we come from? Where are we going?”

A few days ago…..

Edmond Kirsch, atheist, scientist, and billionaire, thinks he has answered those two most fundamental questions. 422 more words


Origin by Dan Brown

In true Dan Brown fashion this story happens in 24 hours, Professor Langdon is at the center of a discovery that will change the world and he is therefore on the run. 137 more words

Book Insights : Origin By Dan Brown

I recently completed reading the book Origin by Dan Brown, a writer who puts in extensive research to make fiction sound as authentic as possible.  315 more words