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Ill Will--Dan Chaon

Ill Will has an amazing dust jacket and a great blurb and premise.  Dustin’s adopted brother, who was found guilty as a teenager of murdering their parents and aunt and uncle, is released from prison.  237 more words

The Great Emoji Puzzle from "Ill Will"

If you read Dan Chaon’s “Ill Will” – which you should because it’s a fine piece of writing and suspenseful as hell – you will puzzle over many things. 279 more words


Safety Man? More Like Save Me, Fam!

  • A write up by Celeste Schmidt, Lauren Sternenberg, and Eva Trakhtman


“Safety Man” by Dan Chaon begins in describing an inflatable doll in the shape of a man, one which Sandi carries around in her bag and inflates on the go for protection. 2,767 more words


Recent Reads

I read 57 books in 2017, although I don’t necessarily count every book I read as a “book.” I also read some business books and some children’s books and things that I didn’t keep track of. 2,455 more words


A Few of My Notes From Craft Lectures by Chaon, Ligon, Febos, and Proulx

Last week at the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, I took notes at the craft lectures I attended. I typed them up, one sentence per line. 547 more words

On Writing

BOOK REVIEW | Stay Awake by Dan Chaon

3.5 / 5 stars

My thoughts:
This is a solid collection of short stories from an incredibly talented writer. Reading Chaon’s work, you can’t help but feel as though he is either consciously or subconsciously revealing parts of himself. 185 more words

Book Review

Walking on the Moon

 When I wrote the introduction to Night Shadows: Queer Horror, I talked about the similarities between crime fiction and horror, as a means to explain how two crime writers (myself and the incomparable J. 975 more words

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